Insanely cheap 2TB external SSD's


I know there are great benefits to keeping my music local to my ROCK. But I haven’t felt like spending $200+ to bother, given that it seems to run off my NAS.

Does anyone have any experience with devices like this @ $37? If I don’t make it a key part of my storage chain (ie, files go TO it from master, not ever FROM it), then is there anything wrong with trying it and plugging into my NUC?


I bought something like this from Amazon UK. It was utter garbage, I sent it back for a refund. Avoid at all costs would be my advice.


Would you care to be more specific?

Nothing wrong with trying it out. But it has zero reviews, and I know of no way they could sell 2TB of flash storage for under $40.

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Why would you bother with that when a real dependable usb 2 TB hard drive is only a couple of dollars more. SSD speed is wasted for a music storage drive anyway.


Or if really hunting a bargain there are plenty of 2tb HDD on fleabay for pennies more.
Even 4tb HDD turn up at great prices.

Think I remember reading somewhere about some limitations using a USB type C connection?
Don’t remember where or what though…lol.

I would be very wary, of course it’s Amazon so can always send it back.

Not much to lose I guess apart from a bit of your time.

It was appallingly slow, many files written were unreadable, it would randomly disconnect and it wouldn’t let me format it to a different filesystem. It was utterly pointless.

Thanks. Sounds like defective to me. It happens sometimes.

Oh it was definitely defective. It was also a flimsy piece of ■■■■■ I tried, it was found wanting. You get what you pay for.

But there is a big difference between a defective design and simply a defective example…

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Yes but given the quality of the device (or lack thereof) I was not surprised. It went back the same day. Also since I returned mine the number of 1 star reviews has snowballed.

Try one of you want but don’t say I didn’t warn you. It’s cheap Chinese knock off kak!

Their recertified models are another option if funds are tight.

Unfortunately, no renewed items in the US currently… and Amazon sells the new items less expensively than WD does directly. But thanks for suggesting!

If it looks too good to be true…

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I’ve had good experience grabbing an m.2 stick, a 2280 size, like this:

and then putting it in something like this:

it’s not ‘cheap’ but it’s VERY cost effective compared to buying store-built stuff, and it’s very reliable and top notch. that’s what i’ve run my server media volumes on for few years, not one hiccup. fwiw.


Wow, that has a lot of appeal. I’ve always run my backups onto SATA drives in one of these adapters, which has worked great. I like not buying store stuff when I can but I didn’t know this existed. You might have really helped me out here.

(What I use below. Not glamorous, but keeps you from leaving it out! You gotta run sneaker net out it gets ugly)

SATA/IDE to USB 3.0 Adapter, Hard Drive Adapter Converter for 2.5 3.5-Inch IDE SATA External HDD SSD, Universal Hard Drive Reader Cable Support 6TB with 12V 2A Power Supply

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Generally, cheap SSD should be avoided. Not talking about a specific brand here, but cheap SSD is cheap because they use low grade NAND chips, including those that have failed the QC test from large manufacturers (who sell the failed chips to others, perhaps under another brand). Generally, I advise buying SSD only from brands which also manufacture their own NAND chips.


At this price, this won’t be a 2TB drive at all: it’ll be a small capacity drive with the FAT and/or microcontroller modified to show a false larger value. This tallies with the problems Tim was having - random failures and not letting you reformat.

Steer clear.

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I see high capacity flash drives being sold at traffic lights at dirt cheap prices . My understanding is a 32Gb package is 4Gb at best , can hardly send it back

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