Inscrutable User Interface

Hello–I’m completely baffled by the your products’ user interface. I’ve imported 2 TB of Hi Def music files and am looking at tiles for 832 artists. From here I would expect to click on an artist to see a list of available content. Instead, the tiles changes color and nothing else happens. Or, on occasion, after clicking the tile I will see a bio of the artist and a button to play the artist. What is going to play? Who knows? From which album? It’s a mystery!

For $500 I expected a a better user experience. Perhaps there’s a mode for stupid F’ing idiots like myself that allows me to play what I want. If so, please advise.


A Stupid F’ing Idiot

I’m not sure why you would not have done a trial run for the trial is free and you would experience the exact same interface.

That said there is probably a money back option but I think perhaps there might be some other issue. Assuming of course that you did pay the full lifetime upfront, otherwise the $500 is just having a poke at what is for the majority not an issue for the value it provides in our setups and listening experiences.

@support will get this some attention but can you also provide information on your setup like where your music is residing, i.e. NAS or local /usb location. What specs are the hardware platform you installed the core on and your operating system.

On that same page with the “Play Artist” button, there are also “Top Tracks” and “Main Albums”, all very clearly labeled. Not sure what else you would expect.

Hi Paul,

I’ve shifted your thread to Roon Software where it will get more assistance from other users in coming to grips with Roon. You may find the Roon Knowledge Base and online User Guide of assistance in reducing the learning curve.

Left clicking on an Artist will take you to the content page for that Artist including any Albums in your library (scroll down). The Play Artist button is an alternative that will play shuffled tracks from that Artist. Right clicking (or long press on a tablet) will select the Artist for various editing operations. The colour of the tile changes when it is selected.

Start here.

I don’t think there is, sorry, but you can add this suggestion to the list of requested features if you like.


Some more hot sauce can be found here:

If the tile changed color, you selected it for future attention, not the same as clicking. Select you do by a right-click with the mouse, or long press on a touch screen. But that is not the normal behavior, if you do click you indeed “drill down” and see the stuff by that artist.

“Play” the artist will play tracks from the albums, in a random order.

One key point: you are looking at artists, it says artist on top. I find the Album browser more useful, you select that from the hamburger menu (three bar) in the upper left. And there are other browsers, beyond artist and album.

And each one can be sorted in different ways, upper right. And filtered to show only a subset, with the Focus and Tag buttons and the funnel icon in the upper right.


It sounds like you are right clicking (or long press) them … which selects them rather than opens them.

Do you see an n of nnn selected banner at the top of the screen? If so just click the X to close it … and then try again.

Hi @paul_lave ---- Thank you for the report and apologies for any frustration here.

To help aide in my evaluation of what exactly could be going, may I very kindly ask you to please provide the following:

  1. A screenshot highlighting the issue you are reporting.

  2. A brief but accurate description of your current setup as seen here.