Install on Debian Sever - configuration advice needed


I have a Debian based headless fileserver with about 2.5TB of music on it I use to stream music around the house using DLNA/UPnP

I want to try Roon so I am seeking some advice about setup. The server has an i5 2.something GHz CPU, plenty of RAM with / on a 40GB mSATA drive and 6 1TB HDDs configured as RAID 6 mounted as /home and all the music resides there

The questions

During install does one ‘point’ Roon to the location of the music?

In terms of the amount of music I have I’m guessing at some point soon I will run into space/performance issues with Roon if I install it on my mSATA as is. The choices as I see it are to clone the mSATA to something larger, in which case how large? Or to install another SSD to hold the Roon DB (mounted as /var if I’ve understood correctly)

Can anyone advise here please?



One other thing I forgot

The server runs headless and is administered through Webmin and SSH. Given that, how do I configure the server remotely please?

The data source(s) for music are added to Roon when first connecting a Remote. That also answers your last question: after installing, all server config is done through a remote (Win or OS X system running Roon, or tablet/phone).

By default, the database is installed in /var/roon/RoonServer – but you can easily edit the install script if you need to change this. The size needed is related to the size of your music collection – mine is 1.4GB @ 15K tracks.

You point Roon Server to your music collection as a local folder /home via Roon running on a tablet or Smartphone.

40GB SSD should be fine for now iro storing the Roon Database. See for more info re a Linux install. My Roon database is around 28-30GB but my music collection spans about 2x the storage you’re using.

By default Roon stores the database in /var/roon/RoonServer. If you want to change the location you need to change the installation script.

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