Install ROCK (MOCK?) or Roon Core under Windows


I have just bought a Lenovo ThinkCentre Tiny from 2015. Should I try to install ROCK or should I run ROON Core under Windows 10? The PC will be dedicated for ROON. It have a i5-4959T CPU, 8 GB RAM and a small SSD.

Advise is highly appreciated:)

If you don’t mind blowing away the windows installation (unless you back it up as a cloned drive somewhere first) sure it’s free to try roon rock.

+1 for trying ROCK. But think about the case if your PC is not fully compatible with ROCK and you have to go with Windows (re-install it).

Thanks both! Do you think the PC is likely to work with ROCK?

No one can tell you. There are no guarantees or official support for MOCK installations. See here. The most people can say is “can’t see why not. Let us know how you go”. The experience is that if it installs then it will probably be stable.

Thanks for the reply and the link. I will try to go down the ROCK route, «I`ll take the challenge». I will post my experience…

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It worked very well, no problems with the standard installation:-)