Install Roon if Roon server is already installed


I installed Roon Server on a spare Mac Book Pro. I want to keep that very same machine as my core, but now would also like to install Roon (incl. control) without loosing all my settings. Can I and how do I do that?

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Just install the roon non server and select connect to the Roon Server core when the system asks

What do you gain by running both?

I want to be able to control the server from the same machine. It is not always convenient to always having to use another Mac or iOS device.

The full Roon package contains the Server, so I don’t understand why you need both.

@wizardofoz -

See, this is the discussion we’ve had before. In general, people want to use both out of confusion.

There are rational reasons for running both, but I take your point - Roon’s architecture does take a bit of getting used to.

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