Install Roon Sever on Mini PC


Since there are many advanced users here, everyone seems to use high-end machines for Roon Core, but I tried to build it on a power-saving mini-PC.

MiniPC: Celeron N5105(8GB/SSD 64GB)
OS: Ubuntu 22.04 LTS, power profile: balanced
Library: approx. 2,000 albums/27,000 tracks on NAS + TIDAL subscription
Endpoint: Bluesound Node/Node2i
DSP setting: Max PCM rate(192kHz/24bit)
Other: Wired LAN, no keyboard/mouse, HDMI dummy plug for remote desktop from MacBook Air.

And it works :slight_smile: CPU utilization of each core(4 core) is between 20 to 40% (CD quality to 192/24).

I hope this will be helpful for those who want to start Roon casually.


One month has passed and it is running stable. CPU usage is around 20% in power saving mode and less than 10% in performance mode. In this condition, it seems to be no problem to have HQPlayer co-located. I would like to try it sometime.
And… Roon ARC working :slight_smile:

< Power-saving mode >

< Performance mode >
I switched to performance mode on the way. After switching, CPU usage temporarily increased a little when the next song starts.

< Signal path >
Activated DSP and set to 192kHz/24bit (limit of Bluesound Node 2i)

I also do that albeit using much more powerful mini PC. i5-6500T with 16GB RAM.

Even with DSD512 upsampling it averages at about 33%!
Also nice, GNOME!

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I use a Celeron NUC. Have run 4 endpoints at the same time all playing different things without any issues.

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I use a BeeLink GTR mini-PC with an i5 8th generation and 16GB RAM - it works brilliantly across 4 zones - only issue is Fan noise which doesnt matter to me since its not in the music room - have a Synology NAS elsewhere on the LAN and all works flawlessly with the CPU barely breaking a sweat.

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Thanks for sharing. This is really interesting.

Is the mini PC fanless? Do you mind sharing which model it is? And what is the HDMI dummy plug you mentioned?

Not everyone. I’ve been using a 2014 Mac mini for Roon for the last four years. Continues to work like a champ.

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I use GMKtec NucBox5. It is not fanless, but the noise is not audible because it is installed inside the TV board.
HDMI dummy plug is like this, only for VNC from MacBook Air.

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Thanks, that’s a really compact box. I was looking at a higher-end NUC but based on the stats you’ve shared, this Celeron chip seems like a great buy.

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I used to install Roon Core on a Core 2 Duo MacBook Pro and had no problem, so I thought it would work even without a high power CPU. So I tried it on NucBox5 and had no problem.
As long as I don’t do high-load DSP processing, there seems to be no problem with a CPU of that level. Small is justice! :slight_smile:

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