Install Roon Sever on Mini PC


Since there are many advanced users here, everyone seems to use high-end machines for Roon Core, but I tried to build it on a power-saving mini-PC.

MiniPC: Celeron N5105(8GB/SSD 64GB)
OS: Ubuntu 22.04 LTS, power profile: balanced
Library: approx. 2,000 albums/27,000 tracks on NAS + TIDAL subscription
Endpoint: Bluesound Node/Node2i
DSP setting: Max PCM rate(192kHz/24bit)
Other: Wired LAN, no keyboard/mouse, HDMI dummy plug for remote desktop from MacBook Air.

And it works :slight_smile: CPU utilization of each core(4 core) is between 20 to 40% (CD quality to 192/24).

I hope this will be helpful for those who want to start Roon casually.


One month has passed and it is running stable. CPU usage is around 20% in power saving mode and less than 10% in performance mode. In this condition, it seems to be no problem to have HQPlayer co-located. I would like to try it sometime.
And… Roon ARC working :slight_smile:

< Power-saving mode >

< Performance mode >
I switched to performance mode on the way. After switching, CPU usage temporarily increased a little when the next song starts.

< Signal path >
Activated DSP and set to 192kHz/24bit (limit of Bluesound Node 2i)

I also do that albeit using much more powerful mini PC. i5-6500T with 16GB RAM.

Even with DSD512 upsampling it averages at about 33%!
Also nice, GNOME!

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