Install ROONSERVER on new Mac mini, but installation of Roon on old Mac mini stay there

Roon installed on old Mac Mini and now ROONSERVER install on new Mac Mini.

I read in Roon instructions:

“1. Run the installer and launch Roon or Roon Server. If you installed Roon Server, you will need to also launch Roon in order to configure your new Core. This can be done from any other supported computer or tablet on your network.”

Is it true that on the new Mac Mini I only need to install ROONSERVER and can ROONSERVER read the Roon files on the old Mac mini in the same network?
Or is it better on the new Mac Mini start a fresh installation, first Roon and then ROONSERVER.

On this moment the Roon Remote app on my iPad see ROONSERVER on the old Mac Mini. With the new Mac Mini working with a fresh Roon and ROONSERVER, I have to logout from Roon in the old Mac Mini?

Thank, michel

That would not be the correct way to install if you were going to put both software on the same machine. If you are going to install both softwares, it is RoonServer first. And then, when installing Roon, you will choose the installed RoonServer as the Core.

I do not have a good idea of what you are trying to do to give more direct advice. Are you planning on this new machine being a server that is not used directly? Or, are you planning on sitting at this machine using a Roon client to select music?

Generally speaking, you would setup RoonServer by itself. Then you would go to a different machine that is running Roon and point Roon to the new ServerCiore

Thank you Rugby, You are perfectly right. What I have done now: I made a copy of Roon in the mac Library and paste that on a external Harddisk.
After that I changed the name of the RoonServer map in ROONSERVEROLD and changed the name of ROON in ROONSERVER. That did the trick. RoonServer start with the computer and you can see the icoon on the Menulist., where you can stop it, when you wish.
I have also Audirvana installed. I prefer the sound of Audirvana with upsampling to DSD64 and special settings in IZOTOPE that comes with Audirvana. But in all other respects I love ROON because of all the information extras and the way it organise the database.
The new Mac Mini is a bless: 16 Gig Ram, SSD 516 Gig, very fast, even the swapfile on the SSD is a breeze. Audirvan needs so much more Memory than Roon and synching takes an endless lot of time.
Thank you for your help and stay safe,

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