Installation on Synology using DSM 7

Upgraded to DSM 7 (Synology 718+) and foolishly did a reset to start over. I can not get Roon for NAS to load. Keep getting error message

Failed to Install Package.
An error occurred when extracting the installation archive. The archive might be corrupt or the TMP directory has no space left.

Please help.

Hi @Bruce_Spencer1,
can you check if the installation succeeds now?. Th Roon team made changes to the download URL that is used by the NAS installers, which caused the installs to fail. They implemented a workaround today, so it should be working again.

Sorry, I had an Asustor laying around so I moved the drive into it and fired it back up. I’m going to sell the Synology

no problem, @Bruce_Spencer1. Just in case you’re decided to sell due to this issue: It was not specific to Synology and also occurred on the other NAS platforms. :wink: