Installation/Running of Roon Core on Synology DS1515+ [solved]

Hi All

I’m wondering if I’m doing something wrong, as I’ve followed the instructions to install the new Roon Package on my Synology NAS…all installs…but it won’t run.

Is it possible I’ve I overlooked anything.



could you take a look if there is any information given in the log window (as described on the download page)?

Hi Robert,
were you able to figure out what went wrong with the installation?

Hi Christopher

Thanks for the nudge…saw the log entry, I stupidly I hadn’t set up the share…done it now on my external SSD…cool all working and indexing away…

Do you have a way to PM you?



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Click on user icon > blue message button in the popup.

I think PM does not work for “new users”. You need to be a “basic user” according to the discourse documentation.