Installed Roonbridge does not start

I am new to Roon. The core is running on a separate Asus FX504 i7 -8750H with 32Gb Ram. I am trying to install Roon bridge to use with Dirac on a separate i7 laptop. I install Bridge but it fails to open even when run as an administrator.

When you say fails to open, do you mean run? Roonbridge has no interface. When it is running it just appears in the Taskbar Notification Icon section on the Taskbar.

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Ahh yes. I see Bridge in the systray but when I start Dirac it connects to its servers but finds no devices. Is that because I need to configure the core for Dirac?

I’m not sure how you’re going to get this to work.

RoonBridge looks for hardware audio devices to expose to Roon Core allowing Core to stream to that hardware device. Bridge isn’t a device on its own.

Dirac won’t “see” bridge because bridge isn’t an audio device.

More info needed on what you’re trying to do.

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Thanks for the response. I believe that is the problem. I don’t know what I’m doing. I am attempting to integrate Dirac with Roon. I need to do more research.

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If Dirac Live creates a Sound Device on the Windows PC, then Roon might be able to route the music to it on the PC running RoonBridge.

RoonBridge allows that PC’s attached sound devices to be a Roon Endpoint.


Looks like you were close.

Install Dirac
Install RoonBridge

Go to Settings → Audio in Roon remote
You should be able to enable “Dirac”. Select Dirac in Roon as endpoint.


Install Dirac Live Standalone on your W10 Roon Server and enjoy seamlessly Dirac and Roon.<

Yes, that is the ticket. That is what I was attempting without any knowledge of how to get there. Thanks much