Add Dirac to Roon without external hardware

Wanna save your hard-earned money and have Dirac Live to Roon without buying a NAD M33 (USD 5000) or MiniDSP SHD (USD 1200)?
Install Dirac Live Standalone on your W10 Roon Server and enjoy seamlessly Dirac and Roon. Dirac appears as windows device in Dirac. Currently I am on the trial version and I love it. You can also control the target curve from the Dirac mobile app to instantly switch between your favourite target curves.


Nice! Did you use the app to calibrate the room? I believe it uses the phone’s microphone.
I was thinking along the same lines also, I have a powerful gaming pc that I could use.

Is there a way to use the Dirac standalone software and save an impulse response file in a format that Roon will be able to use as a Convolution filter?

Does this work with a MacBook as well?

Hey Louis - do you mind getting a little deeper into this subject ? I’m using a miniDSP SHD now, but would like to facilitate Roon as server. I guess that Dirac will not work directly with Roon Rock (as this is linux based), but do I get you correct : will Dirac integrate in the Roon DSP when running Windows ? Please explain a bit further.
Kind regards Leif