Dirac / Roon setup? Uhmm?

Roon Core Machine

Mac Mini M2. Roon & Dirac Live.


I have question about installing Dirac and using it with Roon.

I asked Dirac if I can run Dirac Live in my system. ‘Yes’ they say. But how?? They didn’t show me how.

My system: Mac Mini M2. Roon. Dirac Live. Linn network player.

But first installing Dirac. I have a problem running the Processor. If doesn’t work,… and why not? I don’t know.

This i see on the their website.

And this is what I get.

A lot less information than what i see on their website.
On the website is don’t see what I’m doing wrong.
I can play a test sound, but the Processor doesn’t show a sign of live.

Emailing Dirac doesn’t help much :man_shrugging:t2:

And now Roon. They don’t show me how it’s working together with Roon. I installed the Roon Bridge for setup the Dirac Processor between Roon and the Bridge. But how this works? I don’t know.

Can someone help me with this?

Thank you very much! :pray:t2:

From what I have seen when it’s setup up on the Mac it should show up as a virtual sound card which you can then set as a Roon zone in audio settings I believe. How well it works can’t say.

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Video from Dirac on how to set up dirac live. No mention of Roon, though.

and some posts here in the community if you have not searched yet:

Yes. True. But only Roon sees this as an output…and then what?
The signal had to go through the Processor as well. In the processor i have to be able to select Roon again. And that’s the problem.
I can only select my Mac as audio device and my tv.

Thanks! I have seen several videos installing Dirac, but no Roon indeed.

I have asked Dirac in an email if the setup I want was possible.

This was their answer;

‘Flavio Fellah commented:


thanks for your interest in Dirac Live.

If your Mac is the only source of music you can use the standalone version of Dirac Live… by using its virtual audio card you’ll be able to get a systemwide correction of all audio from your Mac, including Roon.

You can get a 14 day free trial here:

Looks to me there isn’t a problem. And yes, of have sees some Roon Community posts about Roon and Dirac, but they use an Wasabi plugin for windows. I cannot find such a thing for Mac :man_shrugging:t2:

Have you looked at your macs Audio settings as I will show up there if it’s correctly configured. WASAPi is windows only


These are the Sound Settings in my Mac.

This are the MIDI Settings.

And this are the only two sound settings in the Dirac Processor.

A couple of times a have closed/relaunched the applications, and restarted my Mac.
I didn’t get more options :man_shrugging:t2:

You can’t use it to a network end point only a usb attached DAC. I think your misunderstanding how this would work it can only playout from the macs audio outputs this would normally by via USB attached DAC. You cannot use it to use Dirac on a network end point.

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Maybe. But if I’m asking of Dirac will work in my setup, and I say that my setup is:
-Mac with Roon
-Linn network player.

And I get this answer:
“ If your Mac is the only source of music you can use the standalone version of Dirac Live… by using its virtual audio card you’ll be able to get a systemwide correction of all audio from your Mac, including Roon.

Sow, they say it wil work in this setup. End of story.
But they didn’t tell me how? And I want an answer to that from them.

The Dirac app on your Mac can only see audio endpoints that are connected locally. It is blissfully unaware of your Linn.

You can hook up a USB DAC to your Mac, but if you want to continue using the Linn, Dirac on your Mac is a dead end.

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Roon’s convolution engine is able to produce better results than Dirac. Why not use that instead of Dirac?

Look into Acourate by AudioVero or Audiolense by Juice HiFi.

Yes, I think so too. It cannot be done in my setup.
I’m a bit ■■■■■■ though! If Dirac says it’s no problem and I invest a lot of time and frustrations to let it work… and then too figure out it can’t be done.

Other question. Why can’t I write here that I’m angry?? (I other words) It’s all flowers and happiness over here?

Well, I’m using an REW filter in Convolution but I’m reading Dirac it much better.

But thanks, I have seen both companies. Juice hifi is only for Windows I see

They likely assumed you’re using the Linn as a DAC not a network streamer. It would work in that scenario if you were using it connected via a USB input. Their response mentions nothing of network just Mac systemwide correction which is correct. I feel this is more a communication issue than them deliberately misselling.

Yes, maybe? :man_shrugging:t2:. I did say the linn is a network streamer.

But for now it’s REW Eq and Convolution.

Not exactly sure where this is coming from…??
You can write that your angry, but, not everyone will respond well to “angry” sounding posts.
Maybe if you explicitly say “I am angry at the vendor for XXX” or “I am frustrated with XXX” and not just write a post that “sounds” angry and looks like misdirected hostility? Not a lot of people will want to help someone that is hostile and confrontational, especially since we are all just unpaid volunteers and fellow users just trying to help. Not saying you did any of this just giving examples. It is also very hard to communicate feelings and intent in text format…as you probably know.

The old “catch more flies with honey than vinegar” adage comes in to play here. :slight_smile:

P.S. It also does not help that your “anger” is not at/with Roon, per se, but with a product that is not related to the main function of Roon, correct? It’s all in how you present it…


Well I wanted to say I’m a bit Pisssed at Dirac,… and I wrote ••• [moderated] In short for abbreviation. So ‘wtv’

It was all blurred here in my comment :man_shrugging:t2:

I really don’t understand this kind of moderation. It’s like we’re all kids here.

Certain words are auto-blanked by the forum software – usually for a good reason. The only thing childlike here is trying to circumvent this.

This may be a good moment for you to acquaint yourself with the Forum Guidelines and behave accordingly:

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Yeah, me a child. I really did nothing wrong.

But I shall think twice to open a topic here :+1:t2:

You simply need to abide by the forum guidelines and there’s no problem. They were updated and posted again four days ago.