Installing 2nd drive in NUC just to backup database

Hi all,
I have installed a 2.5” sad in my nuc just for the scheduled database backups. I portioned as MBT and formatted as expat
But the drive is not showing up in ROON, It is only showing the the NAS containing my music.
Is it possible to backup the database to a second drive inside the nuc? Rock is running off an NVME SSD.


Did you have the Nuc do the formatting for the internal SSD? If not go to the WEB UI and see of you have an option to format the drive.

Hey Mike,
Thanks for the suggestion. I had a look in the web ui but there’s no option to format the drive.

If it’s not possible to backup to a 2.5” ssd installed inside the nuc. I could always remove it and put it in a usb3 enclosure.

Would be good to know if the formatting should be exfat or other?

You should have entry in the web ui for internal music storage. That would be the SATA drive. I don’t know if the system will backup to the internal storage. Someone should chime in with that answer.

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Thanks, yeah that option is not visible in the web ui

Ok, is it possibly the SATA drive is not enabled in the BIOS? Or there could be an issue with the connection.

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Thanks, you were correct. The sata port was disabled in the Bios. I enabled it and the drive appeared in the Web ui and could be formatted.

HOWEVER the drive is still not showing up when I try to select a new backup location. Roon is still only showing the NAS holding my music.

That could be an indication the software won’t backup to the internal drive.

I don’t have a NAS, my backups are stored on USB attached 1TB Samsung T5 and my music library is on the internal SSD.

You should never backup to an internal drive in a ROCK or Nucleus system as the whole drive is watched. Take the drive out, format exFAT and plug it into a USB port. Should work fine, for backups and music, actually.

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