Installing Codecs in New Rock NUC

I can’t seem to find the Data file that the Rock installation instructions refers to. I have copied the ffmpeg file with the codecs to my other computer but can’t find where I am supposed to put these files.

I was able to put in the IP address for the new Roon Rock NUC and I pressed on the missing codecs button, grabbed the files and now what?

Can anyone help with next steps. Instructions are not especially clear.

Bill P

I found this very helpful

Thanks, Stephen. I will check it out!

Copy from Linux or macOS client might give issues, for my ROCK it never worked until I copied the codecs via Windows (don’t ask why). I think it is connected to access rights set on file when copied from macOS/Linux.

Yeah, I came across this type of issue on Linux. In my case, I solved it by mounting the ROCK share using cifs vers=1.0 specifically. I now mount it permanently in my fstab and can transfer sound files, codecs, etc.