Installing ROCK on old desktop

Hi - does anybody know of a service that will install ROCK and load ROON on an old desktop? I have been running ROON on Windows 10 Pro on this computer but only because I also use this computer as backup for other purposes as well. I’m going to dedicate it to ROON and move to my home server room. I was hoping to see if there’s any service in the SF Bay Area that can do this. Yes, I think I could DIY but maybe easier this way. Main reason I want to do this is that Windows 10 pro even though running headless still requires intervention. I just want to set and forget. Thank you.

Rock is overrated. Ubuntu 18 or 20.04 will run on anything and will provide 99.9 percent of the efficiency with the ability to also install things like speedtest, and resource utilization tools that are helpful in the real world. Command line is simple, just try it.

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Hi Rob - really appreciate your reply. Put this on hold for a while but just got it done. Very happy.

Roon Team - the instructions for LINUX installation are really obtuse. I’m pretty heavy into C+/Python coding but this was my first time with Linux. I had to piece together a lot of different chat topics to get some picture of what the heck to do. I eventually got it done but not without the help of some members who’ve spent a lot of time offering input. You need to have a step-by-step instruction for people who have never used LINUX. Despite your site instructions, there is no linear step-by-step process offered.

You might want to review this: