Installing ROON Core on Synology DS1520

I have installed ROON Server on my Synology NAS, and it shows as installed, but it doesn’t open the ROON app. Is this normal, or am I missing something. I also can’t get my iPad to connect to the ROON server on my NAS.

Did you follow this?


Yes I did, and the installed file then when I press "Run, it shows as Roon Server installed, butb doesn’t open the roon app. I’m not sure if this is normal.

It’s a core only. Install Roon remote on your mobile to control it.

OK that’s great. So my next problem is getting the Roon app on my iPad, to connect to the Synology NAS. I have typed in smb://IP Address/DS1520 (DS1520 being my NAS name, but I keep receiving error messages to say it can’t connect.?

Wait ………… xx

I’m not sure I understand. Download what?

No. I got you wrong.

Is your iPad on the same network as your NAS? Having it on ‘guest’ WLAN could be a problem.

Yes it’s on the same network

Download FING to your iPad, scan the network and look if you see the NAS.

OK. I downloaded FING and it shows my NAS

Ok. Good. Any firewall, vSwitch or security option enabled on the Synology? If so try to disable for a sec.
When starting the remote app on the iPad it should scan your network for Roon cores and ideally find them/it. There is no option to manually connect to a core.

I turned of the fire wall, but Roon doesn’t seem to be able to connect. It has’t given a negative response, it just seems to be searching.

Final recommendation would be to power cycle all network gear. Apart from that I am running out of ideas :confused:

is the vSwitch part of the fire wall? I’m not sure how to find it.

Nope. It’s in the settings of the LAN interface. Should only be up if you are running s/th like the Virtual Machine Manager on the Synology.

Well. i’m not running Virtual Machine Manager on the NAS, but I admit to being new to NAS technology, so I’m in a steep learning curve her. Anyway, I really appreciate your efforts to help me. I guess I’ll k
just keep plugging away.

One last question. Should the server show as installed, or should it show as running?

Running!! That would be worth checking :slight_smile:

Click on the packet and start it.
What an idiot I was. Should have asked first thing.