Installing roon database and roon storage

In a Mac Mini I intend to install the database(core) in a external SSD drive connected via USB3 port and the storage in the hard disk of the Mini. Is it a good solution?
If i sign TIDAL, should it be in hard drive or in SSD?

Clearing up some terms -

Core (large ‘c’) - people generally mean the complete Roon package - core (small ‘c’)+control+output, which refer to the individual software functions/components.

To say core and mean database, i.e. Roon library, is wrong.

Roon library (database) should on an SSD, but it really depends on your library size.
If by ‘storage’, you mean music files, those can be on HDD (internal, USB or whatever), SSD, or even NAS.

What I mean is to have the files of music in the HDD of the Mac Mini and the Roon software (because should be in a SSD) in a external SSD drive connected to the USB3 port of the Mini. Does it work fine?
If it Works fine, my I install TIDAL in the HDD?

I think Roon will put its library (database) on the boot drive of the machine where the core is running, no matter where the Roon software is installed. So putting Roon software on SSD doesn’t matter.

I don’t have Tidal, so I don’t know what this means.