Installing Roon on an Old Mac Mini and a licensing question

I have a Mac Mini about 7 years old with only 4GB of memory. It was very slow to download Roon and open Roon and lastly using CONVOLUTION the files there from REW but were not highlighted to be able to select.

My question is this … I intend to do one of two things.

  1. Get more memory installed in the existing Mac Mini.
  2. Purchase a new Mac Mini.

If I purchase a new Mac Mini how can I get Roon to recognize my device without being charged for another device?

Thank you,

If I understand your question, to put Roon on a new Mini, just download Roon to the new Mini and simply sign in, add you streaming services, identify your music on hard drive, etc.

As long as you are signed into and using one core at a time, you are good to go.

You can install the Roon core software on as many computer devices as you want with only one license. However, you can only authorize and use one Roon core device at a time. Most people start with Roon core on a laptop or desktop computer, then transition to a Nucleus, NUC, or an aftermarket computer device.

I started with an even older MacMini (10 years old), and it was really good with my 30,000 track library. Do you have a spinning hard drive or SSD? I have more than 4gig, but I don’t recall the Roon core using a ton of memory, but it does beat on the drive a lot. An SSD will make a world of difference.


Not about spinning hard drive/SSD what I do know is it is very slow …I kept on getting a spinning wheel and it seems forever to connect.
I do have 4 gigs and problems begin when ROON was searching fore the core and in convolution.

Thank you ALL for such a quick response.
I do believe Roon is a bit much for my 7-8 year old Mac Mini and probably will get a new one or at the least get more memory … 8-16 gigs.

From what I read in Roon Lab 4 gigs was the minimum requirement to run Roon efficiently.
EFFICIENTLY being the key word.

Again thank you,

you should be able to check the disk in system profile but a non SSD will be wasting your time. Also running on wifi is going to be slow.

SSD and LAN is a must for Roon Core use. Depending on the size of your music library you might just be better off with a new Mini