Installing ROON on QNAP NAS

Hi, it does not seem to work when I connect the QNAP with a USB cable to my DAC.

The DSD file plays only at 24/88.4 hz.

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I have just tried connecting my S.M.S.L M8 (XMOS based) to one of the USB 2.0 ports on the back side of my TS-470 Pro.
It plays the following formats without a hitch:
DSD64 (As DoP, but correctly identified as DSD64 by the SMSL)

I had a crash just after adding the USB connected DAC which made all local outputs disappear. Suspect ALSA/audio daemon took a dive as RoonServer was available and other endpoints were selectable, just not any local to the QNAP. I restarted Roon Server via AppStation in the QNAP control panel and afterwards all formats played without a glitch.

Hope this helps?

I was trying DSD 128, that did not work



I will update my test to include higher bitrate files to, but i seriously doubt there will be any discrepancies?
@Sanjiv_Sud Can you please describe your setup, and also post a sceenshot of your endpoint config?

Further resolutions tested with the S.M.S.L M8 directly connected to the QNAP Server core, rear USB 2.0 port:
DSD128 (natively)
DSD256 (Roon automatically converts to PCM, 24/356.8)

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Here are my screen shots

Roon seems to convert DSD into PCM to 88.2, what setting have I got wrong.


I cannot say for sure, but the most likely setting would be “Initial dCS method”? The DSD over PCM v1.0 is working for XMOS based USB DACs but i havent read up on the Rossinis preferred diet of DSD material. Does it do DSD natively?
Have you had this DAC working on any other endpoint previously?

Perhaps we could lure some of devs into this section for some advice, as i still dont think there’s anything wrong with the QNAP package.

Atb Mike

I just checked and it sems the Rossini want it’s DSD delivered as DoP, which means that setting should allow you to stream DSD64/128!

Hi, another question, the QNAP seems to work with Roon loaded on it through the USB cable, how do I set it up to work through the Ethernet connection.


On the network Roon only recognises AirPlay, but using Air Play the high res files are downgraded


@Sajnjiv what is your Roon endpoint to which you want to stream via ethernet?
You should be able to see the endpoint in the Audio Setup page inside the Roon application.

Hi, I am using a DCS Rossini Dac, this is connected via Ethernet cable from QNAP to the DAC.

In the Audio Section I only see this under the USB connection

if you are using direct (no switch/router) connection from Qnap to DAC you need to make sure that devices can see each other by properly configuring their network interfaces (ip address, mask, broadcast).

if you have qnap and dac connected to switch/router you should make sure both have ip address assigned and are available on the network (from Mac/PC/phone/tablet connected on the same network).

When I use minim server I can play the music straight from the NAS, which is connected to the DAC through the Ethernet cable. I do not need the USB cable connection from the NAS to the DAC. However I am not certain how to set this up in Roon. For Roon I have to have a USB connection from the NAS to the DAC. Not certain if I am making sense !!!

Thanks for your inputs

When I try to play through the network it defaults to AirPlay where it downgrades the high res files

I attach a screen shot

Here is the main Audio Screen

Could you please check if Rossini should be configured to support Roon instead of UpNP (minimserver) ?

Some ethernet DAC devices may require one to manually choose between Roon streaming and other streaming protocols (UpNP/OpenHome etc).

Hi, the DAC does not have any settings for this