Installing Roon Server on close am I here?

Would anybody like to analyze this image and tell me what I’m missing to make Roon Server run on Ubuntu (latest vs) and how close I might be to making this work?

It says it’s running, but I see nothing.

I THINK I have all my dependencies in order.

Can you elaborate on this a bit further? What are you expecting to see? Linux RoonServer has no GUI, so, ps -a?

In your pic, it is showing the Roonserver service starting. Have you tried bringing up a client and attaching to the server?


Now, that’s interesting. I was thinking that might be the case. Is there a tutorial on bringing up a client and attaching it to the server?

Like @Rugby said, you’re good! On Linux Roonserver runs in the background, it is being managed on Ubuntu by systemctl:

sudo systemctl status roonserver.service

will show you the status of the server process. Likewise you can stop, restart or start the roonserver.service.

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Wilson, you can install Roon on a Windows PC, on a Mac, or on iOS and Android devices. From any client you connect to your Ubuntu server as Roon ‘Core’…

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There is no GUI client for Linux. You need to load the client on a Mac or Windows PC. Or an Android or iOS tablet. These options give you the full client interface. You also can load the client on an Android or iOS phone, but, you will not get the full interface and will be missing many options.

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OK, OK, OKAY! I get it now. I’ve got it on my iOS device seeing the Roon Server on my LInux box. So, IOW, I just need to get my Core moved over. Let me do that and see what all happens. I just figured I would have to sign-in with the Server and make a Core or something along those lines.

Given that tomorrow is Amazon day, or something, many users have found the cheap Amazon Fire tablet makes a great dedicated Roon tablet. You just need to sideload the Android app.


The Roon server is the Core… nothing else to do… just use any client and sign in on this Core. On your network at any time there can only be one Core active… this is the limitation imposed by the license. On Linux, the Server includes the Core functionality and also the Output functionality. This is, you could stream to a USB port on your Ubuntu server PC. But on Linux there is no Client functionality (also called ‘Remotes’)… for this other OS are necessary.

I am sure you’re quite ready to go by now! Enjoy your new Roon installation!

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I’m currently doing a backup of my Core on my MacBook Pro. I’ll log out of the MBP Core at that time. The iOS app saw the Linux Roon Server and asked me to log out of the core or purchase another subscription. Okay, I’ll report back shortly just for future users being able to rattle through this in search. I honestly didn’t see anything like this discussion, but I may had not been searching right either.

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That’s it! You do a database backup on your old Core, sign out, sign in on the new Core and restore the backup… That’s how it is supposed to be done.

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This is DONE! Thank you so much!

It had been years since I fiddled with Linux and I just was so out of it I couldn’t remember anything, really.

I’m up and running listening to Max Richter’s Four Seasons right now off of the server. This is gonna be lit!


No need to side load the app, Roon Remote is available in the Amazon app store.

[1] The one downside to Fire Tablets (and admittedly this is a niche scenario) is that Amazon take fairly heavy control over the lock screen, so even if you pay for the ad-free version, it can be difficult to force the screen to stay on if you are using it as a now playing display with a remotely controlled/full screen browser like Fully Kiosk Browser. But as a general purpose tablet to use as a Roon remote it’s a perfect low-cost option.

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Ahh, good to know, it has been awhile since I used one with Roon.

Ja, listened to that on a new release by Alessandro Quarta on Arcana a few days ago. But I was somewhat disappointed in his violin playing… I didn’t really like this release…


Hi and welcome to the forum, Wilson,
you may have overlooked the existence of Roon’s rather elaborate Help Center to learn better understand Roon’s workings …

Which Version, the original or the newly re-recorded from a couple of weeks ago?

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Man, I’ve been digging in that thing for a week. Some things take a paradigm shift in the brain.

Well, I can’t figure out how to quote in here, so anyway, @Rugby it’s the new one. I do detect some differences.

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Just select the text you want to quote…

Screen Shot 2022-07-11 at 12.46.41 PM