Instant loading of filtering

Every time I open the Focus twirl down after X amount of time, Roon seems to be calculating. It takes around 8 to 10 seconds to populate, and even then, some things like Genres are still “calculating” and are not complete. Other than track/album play counts, what is changing that needs recalculation?
Wouldn’t it be simpler to write an index and update it when things change?

I think this is a support matter.; for me, this takes <1s.

Takes just over a second for me using Albums or Composers screen (on a wireless connected MacPro with ROCK server). Roon jellyfish appears then the whole thing appears in one go with no columns lagging the rest.

EDIT: But regardless, it should all be precalculated as it only changes when you make a change to the library or if metadata gets automatically updated and changes some of the displayed numbers.

I suspect that you don’t have 10 TB of local FLAC files.

I haven’t ever had any luck with support. Lots of “restart every device and network point” and not much else. Oh, and, “I’m afraid a corrupt DB has no recoverable parts.”

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I’d raise this under support or rephrase the feature request to say you want instant loading of filtering. It might already be indexed but takes ten seconds to load it for terabytes of music. Or might not…

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Focus is pretty much instantaneous the second time around. If I select focus on My Albums, it takes around five seconds the first time (15k albums, Mac mini M1). If I then go to an album page, browse around a bit, then return to My Albums, focus pops up straight away. It is getting cached, but only after the first load.

Yes it’s been cached for the second load but it can’t live in cache all the time just in case you want it. So for the first load is it pre-indexed or being built on the fly?

I suspect it’s the latter.

Well me too otherwise your into math on the time to live on the index, percent relevance before rebuild on library changes. Who could be bothered when a tiny percentage of users have libraries that will take more than a second or two. Marginal gain for much effort.

This must be implemented already. If the second time around is pulled from the cache then there must be some sort of TTL otherwise you’d get the same results until the core is rebooted.

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