"Instant Search" times out or is very slow

Mainly a candidate list of search results from your local library, but that shouldn’t be in the order of MBs, something is clearly wrong if that’s the case.

I’ve tried to reproduce the issue with a library of a similar size to yours, but haven’t been able to reproduce the issue.

It might take some time, I know, but if you get the chance please do upload your DB "Instant Search" times out or is very slow - #12 by zenit, it might help in properly diagnosing and fixing the root cause.

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Upgraded Roon to 1211 (Core + Remote) but it is still the same.

Not sure what has been changed in 1211 but I am now also seeing quite a lot of wait time when I am applying filters to the artists or track view. The album view is still super fast (instantaneous) and this when I am queying for artists, albums, even multi word phrases e.g… Not a single one was slow so far.

Before I upgraded to 1211 filters in the artist and track view also came back instantaneously. Now filtering for an artist takes about 3s and filters applied to the track view 3-8s.

I upgraded the hardware to 64GB of RAM, Roon currently consumes 5-7GB, and when running these queries one of my 6 CPU cores shows a peak (100% for 3-8s). So the CPU is now stressed but that wasn’t the case before (not RAM or disk).

Hard to say how frustrating it is but I am now using my Plex server to find songs on the same box. The plex server runs on the same machine, manages the same library and I am getting search results as I am typing (auto completion). There is no latency at all and Plex breaks down the results into artists, albums and songs.

I love Roon, streaming and quality is superb but you need to tune the queries. Roon’s RAAT, the UI, metadata and the search capabilities of Plex would be perfectly fine.

Hello Karsten, I apologize for being quiet, I haven’t been around much the past weeks. I’ll get back to you about it soon.

The response times are ok on my side, but I’m able to reproduce the excessively large requests with your DB. I’m currently looking for the causes.

Hi zenit,

Can you provide more clarity…

What is the official expected response time? (1 second, 2 seconds, less than 1 second)

Mainly in the range of 250ms-1000ms

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Hi Zenit,

upgraded to 1259 - excellent, just triggered a lot of queries for artists and tracks and instant search never failed. Response time is now 0-2s and even the queries that always failed before do now work. Thank you! Had a look at my upstream and Roon’s queries are now much more bandwidth efficient. Would say 5-10x less bandwidth and it does never max out my 3mbit upstream.

Many many thanks!


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A comparison for a “Michael Jackson” Query:



James Arthur before (Failed):

Now (worked, just the peak on the right end):

Thank you for your patience and help in resolving this!

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