Instruction on getting all PCM upsampled to DSD and using Roon

Hi All,

I have searched enough for this but cannot find straightforward instructions.

Iam using the Server install on Windows 10

You need to use HQPlayer along with Roon.

Ok instruction on what to do , I know HQplayer but wouldn’t know how to configure.
Or what to configure.

Hi Kunal,

Roon KB setup guide for Roon/HQPlayer is here:

HQPlayer KickStart Guide is here:

Those guides should get you upsampling to DSD. The latest version of the HQP manual can be found in the installation directory of HQP.

As much as I appreciate your help , I still need instructions on how to configure HQ player .

Hi Kunal,

I assume you have read the information in those links that @Andybob posted, what specifically do you require help with that’s not covered in those two links?

There also a lot of help and guidance over on the HQ Player site, that’s worth a read too.

All I need to know is what configure changes do I make within HQ player to convert PCM yo DSD just so my Lucman DA-06 recognises it as DSD and plays it.

I think I just figured this out.

What about my Roon remote installs in next room ?
How do I get my PCM upsample do to DSD there ?

I tried selecting the HQ Player but no music was playing.
Do I need to install another instance of HQ player where the Roon remote is installed ?

An HQ Player (HQP) zone is a network zone that can be selected from any Roon Control. You can install HQP on multiple computers and each of them will be a separate HQP zone (just enter the IP address of each computer and create a zone for each). The HQP EULA (Clause 10.1, version 3.12) says you can only run one copy of HQP at a time per licence, so if you wanted to send audio streams to different HQP zones simultaneously then you would need multiple HQP licences.

I took up an offer through @bibo01, who is an HQP reseller, for both the Windows and Linux/Mac licences and I understand I could run an instance of each simultaneously, but it wouldn’t make much sense in my apartment !

Once an HQP zone is selected as a Roon output for an audio stream, then the distribution of audio from the computer running that instance of HQP is handled within HQP.

Have you got any sound yet ?

There are quite a few users on the forum who may be willing to assist if you post a screenshot of your existing HQP settings, if they are not working; but other users are unlikely to want to copy/paste general information that can be found in the guides linked above.

Once you’ve read the Introduction and Settings sections of the KickStart Guide, and applied the settings applicable to your DAC, you should be able to get upsampled Redbook to DSD sound by selecting “SDM(DSD)” in the “sample format/type” output box (far right, pull down menu under volume knob) and hitting Play in Roon.

I have now managed to get sound but it mostly starts to stutter.
I checked the resources on the computer and HQ Player was hogging 70% of the resources.
Is it so resource intensive ?

It can be, depending on what filters you use. The manual sets out various types of less resource intensive filters. The 2s suffix filters are less demanding.

I will try that out.

As for using HQ Player in living room.
I can see and select the HQ install.
If I check the HQ app, I find my Luxman DAC is selected, do I need to change or add the Oppo ASIO drivers do I can select Oppo.

If HQP has an option under ASIO to select the Oppo then you would only want to change the ASIO Oppo drivers on that machine to update them. If not then by all means install the ASIO Oppo drivers on the computer running HQP.

I certainly cant see Oppo as an option under the ASIO for HQ Player, need to install the OPPO drivers and hopefully the HQ Player will pick that up.