Instructions for HiFi Berry Roon Install

I’m tyring to set-up Hi-Fi Berry / Roon endpoint. The Pi + DAC is built, and Roon 1.3 image copied to the micro SD card, but the Pi isn’t booting up. What have I done wrong? I’m guessing that I need to install, not copy, the image to the micro SD card but haven’t found any instructions. Any and all help is appreciated.

Is this what you are looking for:

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You need to “flash” the image to the SD Card, not copy it. Etcher has worked perfectly for me:


Thanks. All working.

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Glad you got it working. I did my own raspberry pi installation this week, using a HifiBerry DAC+ Pro HAT, to connect my Roon Core to my main stereo system.

Used Etcher for Mac to flash the Roon image to the SD card. First attempt had a problem. The device seemed to boot up, but Roon wouldn’t see it on the network.

Installed Raspbian instead to see if the device was functional and that was fine. So reinstalled the Roon image and everything worked like a charm. Didn’t do anything differently from the first attempt, so no idea why it didn’t work the first time. All’s well that ends well and I am very pleased with the ability to stream hi res to my stereo this way.

I flashed the ROON 1.3.img but my 3B+ is still not booting up. Any suggestion?

Let me know if you ever fixed that, can’t seem to make it work either on a B+

I ended up using instead. It works very well.

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I moved away from the Hifibwrey image because I would prefer more regular updates. I couldn’t get Ropieee to work. I ended up settling on DietPi—minimal, quick to install, has a GUI, and allows me to have simultaneous AirPlay and Roon outputs on my RP endpoints. I use AirPlay for streaming from my iPhone.