Integrate the ability to close the pc with Roon server via Roon remote

The title already says it all. For those who use the PC with roon server it would be convenient to close the PC remotely without installing software such as Anydesk that clogs the network.

I use AnyDesk and RDC client on Mac for my headless roon server, no issues what so ever. What are you trying to close? You don’t need roon and roon server running together.

Why would roon offer a feature to shutdown the server process? The use case is a bit of a one off if you ask me. If you mean power off the server machine that’s even less likely.

I have Roon server installed on a pc which is also an endpoint that I want to shut down at night or when I am away all day. Out of laziness, I’d like to turn it off remotely.

I doubt roon would add functionality at the Os interface

Yeah. RDP on Windows 10 Pro or go with Roon OS (Nucleus or ROCK)

I don’t know if it is feasible but my request was born thinking of software like uTorrent that allow the shutdown of Windows. It could be useful if you are listening to music in the bedroom before sleeping and then want to turn off the PC with Roon server located in another room without getting up.

Windows RDC can cause some problems with atapi drivers, to overcome the issues I have been using VNC (free) for a few months with great success and not one problem since installation.
You can control the remote machine (Mac/Windows/Linux etc) as if you were sat at the machine.

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I have to try it. But is it similar to Anydesk?

Sorry, I’m not familiar with Anydesk, i have been using VNC at various times (& versions) for many years & always found it reliable & easy to use (once installed).