Integrated Qobuz purchase & download

For those of us who have Qobuz download accounts (but not streaming accounts), it would be really nice if when we find an album we like we could initiate a purchase through Roon.

It would be fine if it then went to a browser to complete the purchase as long as the download was integrated back into Roon.

This would save me having to find the album again in Qobuz, and then downloading it, and then moving it to my network server so that Roon can find it. I suspect it would also lower the barrier to purchasing, thereby increasing Qobuz revenue…


It’s a nice idea in theory, but it may be problematic in practice, because downloading is a relatively slow process. See here:

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I was going to post a feature request for this (sort of) so I definitely support @Jeff_Young’s request. I say “sort of” because I was going to ask for integration with the Tidal download store but I think it would make sense if at all possible to integrate both. I would find it really convenient to be able to do a purchase and download transaction from within Roon and perhaps the best place to post this incremental request is to resurrect this old thread.

If it helps to get this feature higher up the to-do list (or onto the list at all) I wonder whether it might also be an incremental revenue opportunity for Roon. A huge number of YouTubers have affiliate links to products they recommend and/or review such that Amazon or some other retailer gives them a micro-payment for the referral purchase. Might Roon be able to negotiate a small kick-back (referral payment) for purchases made via the Roon interface? Such referral payments really are quite common internet practice, don’t put up the cost for the purchaser, and might add up to a worthwhile bit of extra revenue for Roon.

On the issue of the album appearing gradually I think the suggestion from Roon quoted in @Geoff_Coupe’s post is a good one. Do the initial download into a download area that is not part of the scanned folders comprising the library. The user could then have an option in Roon settings to select whether, once download into the staging area was complete, they wanted Roon to automatically move the downloaded files to a specified folder that was one of the library auto-scanned folders. Personally I’d like Roon to be able to remember whether what it had just downloaded was from Tidal or Qobuz, perhaps by the download/staging folders having a sub-folder for each service that Roon was integrated with for downloads, and then I could set all Tidal downloads to automatically be moved on completion to “[MyLibraryRoot]/Tidal_Purchases” and all Qobuz purchases to “[MyLibraryRoot]/Qobuz_Purchases”.

I can also see some people having their own specific folder organisation for their library folders, e.g. “[LibraryRoot]/[Artist]/[Album]/[Tracks]” and those people presumably would not tick the auto-add-on-completion box in settings but instead would go and retrieve the download from the Roon download folder once complete and manually move it to wherever they want it in their library tree.

I actually do have a library tree structure similar to the one I just described above so I’m not sure which root I would actually take (recording the purchase source of my albums has its attractions) but even if I ended up manually moving the files after the download I would still value the convenience of being able to make the “I like this album that I’m streaming from Tidal/Qobuz right now so much that I want to purchase it” decision then and there and being able to action that purchase. Perhaps Roon could also add a purchased section to its history stuff in the Roon database which would be helpful with my tracking-source-of-purchase dilemma mentioned above.

Would love that feature as well, I very much prefer “buying” from Qobuz at a rather fair price IMO if you have the subscription than “adding to library”.

I seem to like Qobuz better than Tidal but I am located in Europe, there seems to be a big difference between the EU and US stores.

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I definently second this.
As a Qobuz subscriber (Sublime+) i also purchase quite a few downloads. In the app there is a “my purchases” view from where i can cache my purchases (without expiry date, i presume)
I’m not sure what this would mean to integrate, but it would be a really nice feature.

+1 for this.

I support this request too.

I am a ‘‘old fogey audiophile type’’ who listens to my music as i did in the days of vinyl. not streaming etc, no internet radio either. I’d even like to go little further and request a modular version of Roon that gives only access to non streaming and radio stuff.

For an expensive annual membership I’d also like reviews of albums I listen to (Mainly late 60s and early 70’s) contemporaneous with the time the albums were released…

yours grumpily


Just want to revive this and ask for something simpler:

a link that would take us directly from the Qobuz album in Roon to the purchase page at Qobuz. Right know it’s a several click process and involves switching apps.

Is there any possibility of this? Haven’t seen any activity on this front for some time.