Integrated Tidal Search


Is there a way to integrate the search function with Tidal e.g. - when I search it’ll look through my library but I still have to click again to run a search through Tidal. Is there a way to eliminate that step?

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I’m not aware of one that exists currently.

Hm, i have no way to test it right now. But i am under the impression that a search actually integrates your local lib as well as TIDAL. The result however is grouped by source, with tidal being at the bottom.

Then again, maybe i misread your question. And that is something i would like to know too. Let’s say you have an album in your local lib, but what prefer the same album from TIDAL cause it might be better quality. When said album already exists in your local lib, it seems to be excluded from the TIDAL search results.
So, how i interchange the two albums: local out, TIDAL in?

If you hide duplicates Roon will automatically display and play the highest resolution version (including any streamed albums) in your library and will prefer local files to streaming if the resolution is equal. This logic is masked at the moment because Tidal is at best equal to CD quality. When MQA streaming starts we will see it working.

Edit: On rereading your post I now understand you are talking about the Tidal section in search display. The first section displays albums in our library (both Tidal and local) and the second section displays other albums for the artist which are on Tidal but not in your library. I’m not sure if we see higher quality versions of existing albums in the second section. Let’s ask @mike if he can tell us.

I seem to recall some discussion about changing this screen to make it more understandable. It may be as simple as naming the first section “In library” and the second “Not in library” (divided into sections by source if streaming).

I’m not sure if we see higher quality versions of existing albums in the second section

I don’t think so, at least i don’t see any. I still have some lousy MP3s, mostly from downloads which come with vinyl releases. These albums won’t show in TIDAL search results.

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I am referring specifically to when you use the search bar on the upper right and type in anything, say “Billy Joel” – it will show any local albums I have of Billy Joel but not his entire library (which most of it is on Tidal).

For me to see the Tidal results I have to click the blue hyperlink lettering on the top center of the screen to “search Tidal”

Would really be a more seamless experience if it could just show me local and Tidal results with one click.


Ok, that’s really strange. What system are you running the Roon client/remote on? My experience is based on a Windows 10 system.

To be specific the verbiage in room is “More results on TIDAL”

Am running OS X El Capitan

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I was looking for this too. Searching for a list of songs you don’t have gets very tedious. If I search for something I also expect it to include Tidal results. Not a message that feels like ‘I did find something, would you like to see it?’.
Maybe like albums, where it is in a black box below your own content.