Integrating primary version from Qobuz with local version - preserving favourites and playlists


Most of my music comes from a CD collection ripped to lossless files. Since switching to Roon I have also subscribed to Qobuz and so I am now streaming as well. I have added some higher resolution versions of albums already in my library to Roon and can see that you can mark the higher resolution version of the album as the ‘Primary Version’. I would like to know how Roon handles these primary versions. Is it limited to the high resolution version being automatically selected when searching for and playing an album and when Roon radio is selecting tracks, or is a deeper integration possible?

Specifically I would like Roon to match favourites from the local version to the higher resolution version, without my having to manually copy these across and, if a track is a lower resolution version of a track is included in a tag or playlist I would like Roon to play the higher resolution version automatically, without my having to manually replace the lower resolution files with the higher resolution files. This doesn’t appear to be the default behaviour, and I can understand why some might not want such deep integration between duplicate versions, but I would like this, so I am wondering if it’s possible.



Not at this point, you might make this a Feature Request. I can move it to that section if you want.

Please do Daniel. Did I understand how the ‘Primary Version’ feature currently works correctly?


Well, when you search for items not in your library and with Radio playback, Roon should be grabbing the highest res version for playback. If you have something already in your library marked as “Primary” say a CD rip, and then add a 24/48 version to your library, it will keep the original one as Primary and you have to manually switch the Primary version.

Thanks for the information Daniel. You haven’t quite answered my question though. :grinning:

I would like to know, when I manually mark a higher resolution version of an album as primary, what difference does this actually make to my use of Roon? In other words, what is the purpose of this feature?

I think the Primary means which version will be displayed when in album views, if you have “Dont show Hidden” set to NO in settings.

So, the album view, the discography view under artists, etc etc, will show the Primary version. Not sure about the impact it has on Radio selections in your library.

This doesn’t tend to happen for me. Typically both versions of an album show in my album view, unless I manually ‘Group Alternate Versions’ by editing both albums together.