Integrating Roon endpoint into linux distro

Hi Everyone,

I was asking Tim Curtis (MoOde audio player creator) for integrating Roon Endpoint into his player.
The question is if Roon license allows to do such thing?
This question is probably for someone from Roon.


Good question.

I installed RoonBridge on Moode OS using these 3 commands below. I still sometimes use Audirvana so the UPnP support with Moode is cool, together with RoonBridge.

If you can install Moode OS (current version 4) installing RoonBridge is a walk in the park. Wowza I wish I had kept a backup copy of the version 3 of the Moode OS image still. But I did end up getting version 4 to work in the end. Painful process.

Moode’s always sounded better than other Pi distro’s to my ears - Tim’s very big on low latency and low CPU usage etc, so that may (or not) have something to do with it.

  1. curl -O

  2. chmod +x

  3. sudo ./

That’s literally all there is to do.

I know that everyone can install RoonBridge manually. I also did it for now.
But integrating Roon Endpoint with player/distro would be very nice feature. I suppose that after integration I don’t have to stop existing playback (bluetooth, airplay, dlna - anykind supported by moOde player) before using roon. It should be done automatically. That’s why I am asking about integration with player.

There’s already a reply somewhere on the forum from Danny (?) about integrating Roon directly into an image.

In a nutshell, it’s not permitted, and the recommended approach is to run the installer on first boot … take a look at Ropieee. The relevant post also presents the reasons for this.

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@Martin_Webster nailed it. Do not ship Roon in a manner that will cause old software to live out there. It will give a bad experience in the future.

@dabassgoesboomboom’s 3 steps are what we prefer.

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So the answer would be to include those steps in a script on first install, perhaps with a “do you want to install RoonBridge” prompt?

yes – the prompt is the choice of the ui/installer/os – not mandated. the button/link to do the install is key.