Integration of Amazon Music High Resolution

I can stream Amazon HD directly to my Anthem processor via DTS Play-Fi.
While the user interface is crappy, it gets the job done. Would still prefer the Roon interface. I’ll buy a Nucleus, when and if, Amazon is supported.

@David_Brown2 I do this with airplay, and the sound is not that good when you compare it with Roon Qobuz or Tidal. Hopefuly you get better sound!

+1, I really hope this will happen

Adding another vote for Amazon’s Hi res music offering - its great for us with prime.

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Let’s keep this topic about the feature request, there’s dedicated topic to discuss Amazon’s initiative…

Hi Carl:

I think most users here are on the same page. We would like to have Amazon Music Service added to Roon. Thanks

one of the main reason we would like to see Amazon Music integrated is because of Convolution filter I can apply via Roon.
Please help thanks.

I think Amazon has the music content, but the Amazon app is not up to it, it just does not bring out the true value of the Amazon Music HD. I think we really need Roon to bring out the best of Amazon.


Not only that. All the Roon cross-linking - “similar to”, “followed by”, “influenced by” - provides so much cross-selling opportunity if Amazon were to follow up its HD streaming with HD download sales (please Amazon, please!). Roon’s cross-linking is a nicely packaged and more immediate (when actually in the act of listening to music) equivalent of Amazons “customers who bought this also bought …” cross-selling mechanism. I can see Roon being an out and out Amazon acquisition target for that alone not to mention the already great streaming app Roon would give it and even more on top of that the entry it would give Amazon to a whole load of high-end audio end points that it doesn’t address at the moment.


Roon is at best 0.3% the size of Amazon Music’s market. A rounding error.

Big companies don’t only make acquisitions to get a customer base, they also sometimes make acquisitions to get technology, yes often motivated by ownership of underlying patents but also sometimes to simply avoid developing something themselves and get what they need to market more quickly. The Roon exploration features and endpoint management would take Amazon time & effort for its existing dev teams to incorporate into an app especially given that from the sound of it the existing Amazon app needs more work to get even its existing functionality working better. In Amazon’s scheme of things buying Roon would probably be pocket change and might be worth it simply for the better app and the revenue opportunities that better discovery could give were Amazon to introduce an HD download store.


I completely agree with most of the posters here - adding Amazon HD would be a valuable addition to Roon. I tried Tidal, currently subscribe to Quboz, but find both lacking. I frequently rely on Amazon Music Unlimited and Apple Music when out and about in my car, for a walk, bike ride, etc. Having it integrated into Roon would be amazing.

So another +1 for Amazon Music HD being added to Roon! Now that I’ve invested in the Roon infrastructure and purchased a lifetime subscription, I’m all in. I’d hate to miss out on what will arguably be the best HD option currently available.


Like Jeff Bezos?..

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If you find Tidal and Qobuz lacking, you certainly can’t be satisfied with Amazon or Apple Music.

If Amazon is integrated into roon, most of their shortcoming won’t matter. The software interface will be handled by roon. Then you have a lot more CD and real hires files for half the price of Qobuz.

One shortcoming that won’t be fixed is the talk about some of the Ultra HD albums having mixed content that is not true to the actual album. Some are claiming “Because” off the newly released Beatles “Abbey Road” is actually off their “Love” album. I compared that track to Qobuz and sounded the same. I haven’t tested other claims.

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Another +1 for Roon to integrate with Amazon’s new hi-res music offering.


The integration of Amazon should be a priority for Roon as it would likely guarantee their existence permanently. If Tidal & Qobuz go by the wayside , i’d go back to using Audirvana on my Mac which i think sounds slightly better.


I agree with this sentiment. If it weren’t for Qobuz (or some other streaming service) I wouldn’t see a point to using Roon, over a cheaper UPnP solution. It’s the integration with streaming services that makes it special. I think if Roon doesn’t integrate with Amazon HD it will spell trouble for Roon, not Amazon.