Integration of Amazon Music High Resolution

the moderator sort of responded, not sure if he is from Roon or not.

He’s not. /10char

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exactly. :wink:

I don’t represent Roon, I just help out on the forum to keep it on an even keel.

For clarity, my post was just to aid some balance it was not meant to imply or otherwise any path or view that Roon has on this.

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thanks for clarifying.

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We’ve had discussions with Amazon Music about an integration but they haven’t agreed to anything. Roon’s streaming service integrations require more than an API, which is what most services provide. We need daily catalog database dumps from partner services, and providing them requires some resources to implement and maintain.

Well said.

Good. If anyone else wants to see Amazon Music + Roon, the story is the same as it was with Qobuz: push Amazon to do it. Big companies move slow and often require a big push from potential customers.


So what’s the best way to let Amazon know? We need everyone on roon who wants this to push Amazon for it.

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Someone asked on another forum about Lumin integrating Amazon. A Lumin rep said “no comment.”

Don’t buy their service unless is through roon?

I was thinking a more direct approach. Where’s best place to send them feedback?

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Couple of things:
1- Spotify will do whatever they need to do commercially. Any expressions of direction in the absence of a threat are worthless.
2- Apple, I understand, have requested max resolution from their Apple Music providers for quite a while, then producing the “Mastered for iTunes” (or whatever it is called) by themselves. So I am pretty sure they already have such content.
3- Apple, like Spotify, is an adaptive firm, and if this becomes a selling factor be very sure they will jump in. So far it has not been given the punny TIDAL+Qobuz numbers, but now the game is on.
4- If TIDAL/Qobuz go down - what is the impact of the Amazon entry on their projected user growth you think? - this will basically render Roon a LOT less interesting to me.


The best technique is the same that works for all protests – lots of feedback, over long periods of time, from a variety of people.

I’ve seen it work on Qobuz, and many Roon Ready/Roon Tested partners. You all are a minority, but you spend big compared to the average mass-market user, and you carry respect. Believe me, they want you more than you want them. It’s true of every service.


I followed the link, but it leads to a bottomless pit of choices for the entire Amazon ecosystem. The Amazon HD FB page has various photos, with thousands of views, but very few actual comments, like 4 or 5. So I picked one and posted a request for Roon integration there.

Hopefully someone knowledgeable in these sorts of things can provide guidance regarding what and where is the most effective way to post Roon integration requests once one reaches the various social media platforms.

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Very well said Martin. My thinking aligns entirely here as well. Thanks for speaking your mind on this.


Encouraging words Danny. Thanks :smiley:

Nice. One other option for feedback might be to do the trial, not proceed when it runs out, and then give feedback to them if/when they ask why.


Fully agree with your point Martin. Could not have said it better!


I sent the following via Chat to Amazon UK customer service. The chat rep said he would forward it on to the Music backend team…

I see that you have introduced a new music streaming service: Amazon HD. I am a current subscriber to Qobuz at the Hi-Fi Sublime+ level. The reason that I have chosen this is twofold: 1) it provides me with high-resolution audio streaming at audiophile quality (up to 24bit/192 kHz), and 2) Qobuz is seamlessly integrated into Roon, which streams to all my audio equipment and devices and provides me with a richer musical experience than just listening to the music.

For me to consider Amazon HD rather than Qobuz, Amazon would need to make your Amazon HD service available through Roon. If Amazon wishes to engage with the audiophile market, it seems to me that you should be giving serious consideration to delivering it via a full integration with Roon.


I submitted an email to Amazon requesting that they integrate the new Music HD service with Roon. Would love to have the additional option, so at this point it seems as though that’s the best we can do.

I’ll encourage all Roon subscribers to do the same.

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