Integration of Amazon Music High Resolution

Will Roon integrate Amazon High Res music when/if it becomes available?

I do not subscribe to Tidal because: Jay-Z.

I cannot subscribe to Qobuz because: unavailable in Canada.

I do subscribe to Deezer HiFi but it’s limited to certain devices.

I do subscribe to Spotify Premium but the hi-res gets nullified on the family plan. Kids use it more than me.

So the announcement of Amazon Music working on a high def format has piqued my interest and would make Roon that more useful.


There’s plenty of non-Jay stuff though?


Lol. Yes there is. However I was referring to my money going to Jay-Z. I’d rather give it to someone else.


Lol that’s a fair call. Thanks for clarifying.

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Let’s keep this topic about the feature request, there’s dedicated topic to discuss Amazon’s initiative…

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Here’s another Roon user who would like to see Roon integration with the newly-announced Amazon hi rez streaming service.


With the recent announcement by Amazon Music on taking on Tidal with high resolution music, does Roon intend to support Amazon integration?



Probably depends on the API hooks that Amazon music offers. Simply having a music service doesn’t mean that it can be easily integrated with external systems and Amazon is infamous for pulling access to metadata and other services that developers rely upon. I wouldn’t be surprised if vendors pass on Amazon hires until it has traction of some sort.

I have no insider info, but, the question is premature.

Amazon hifi isn’t even a thing yet. Roon has no way of knowing anything about ways to integrate it.

But, as much as I would like to have the option, my guess is no.

Amazon likes to corral content within their own apps. Plus, from past readings of roon’s requirements, such as database dumps and whatnot, it sounds highly unlikely that Amazon would go along with that for a tiny fraction of a fraction of their market.

But, who knows? Hope I’m wrong.

Here’s another Roon user who would like Roon to offer integration of the Amazon hi rez service (whenever it becomes available).

Tidal is a small player in streaming, and Qobuz is tiny. If Amazon enters the hi rez streaming space, it could become the dominant player. Tidal and Qobuz could be at risk if Amazon provides a good service.


Nope. Amazon Music (today’s version) is accessible via Sonos and Bluesound systems.

Well here’s hoping it doesn’t then. Amazon monopolising the hi-res streaming world as well is a bit of a depressing thought…My vote would be for Roon to stay as far away from Amazon as possible!


Amazon Hi Rez streaming service now officially announced. Can we get some clarification as to whether it can be integrated with Roon?


This is a BOMBSHELL announcement.

Spotify and Apple - time to wake up to hi res streaming
Qobuz - sorry you never got started in the US
Tidal - it was nice knowing you - especially since you seem to be moving everything to MQA


+1 for this.

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Definitely want more options

I would like this as an option in Roon if possible. I already subscribe to Prime so the £12.99 monthly price is a lot more tolerable than the next best lossless offering being £19.99 a month.

Amazon has entered the hi def streaming business…

Will Roon support it?


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