Integration of Amazon Music High Resolution

FWIW, from the December 2019 Stereophile, p. 16…

Dipin Sehdev of Roon revealed by phone that the company has been talking to Amazon about adding an Amazon playback portal. “Our in-depth integration requires a bit more than the standard API protocols that all companies use,” he said. “We’re awaiting approval from Amazon, Apple, Spotify, and more.”


When you say “contender”, I believe Tidal has >2M paid subscribers and Roon has <100k paid subscribers.

Amazon already has >10M paid music subscribers, so they might be a bit confused by what you mean by “contender”.

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They’ll probably ignore the “contender” part (given the relevant numbers involved…) and treat it as another feature request.

It’s obviously a great feature request.

I’ve put the same request in too and encourage others to do the same as you’ve done.

What role does Dipping Sehdev play in Roon , not a name I’ve heard

It’s good to hear that Roon are exploring further integrations options beyond Tidal and Qobuz :slight_smile:

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Dipin Sehdev, VP of Marketing at Roonlabs.

With new lowered pricing from Qobuz, I just bought the annual plan. Amazon can take their sweet time for now… haha
I also let Amazon know… not like they care anyway… lol

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One day Qobuz will head south of the equator, maybe even Amazon

South Africa can win Rugby Matches but we’re still the poor relation …

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Agreed, they’ve got much bigger problems to worry about, primary being the declining growth rate and margin in AWS, which has been a major profit contributor.

So you rather give your money to Jeff Bezos then Jay-Z? Any particular reason for this aversion against Jay-Z?


There is a lot of conjecture, little info on this tread. Only meaning none of us know anything about Amazon-Roon integrating.

Suggest we all support Tidal/Qobuz. We don’t need to go backwards.


We know roon has been in talks and needs more than Amazon is currently offering thru API. We also know roon is encouraging us to speak up to Amazon if we want integration to happen. That’s about it for now.

Thanks. Clearly missed that.

Just had the following response when chatting about integration of Roon

”Thanks for your time.
I have checked and see that there is no estimated date of this yet confirmed from our development team. However, I see that our teams are working on this to get this available as there are many requests for this feature.
I have forwarded your feedback to our development team so that they can consider and work more faster on this feature"


Is there any news on Amazon Ultra HD Music and Roon?

There isn’t and won’t be until or unless there is an announcement.

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I cancelled my Amazon HD Ultra trial, when they asked why, other 'due to ‘the lack of roon support’ :slight_smile:


What a shame it looks like no go on this, I will do the same when my trial ends.

To clarify, as a music label owner, Tidal had some of the best streaming royalties going directly back to the artists and labels whereas Spotify is basically a slap in the face. Jay Z may have started the platform but it is actually a really good service that gives back to the artist and tries to curate good playlists of new artists, as well as obscure things like jazz. I’m no fan of JayZ myself but tidal is a great service and if you want your money really going back to the artist it should be your platform of choice, short of buying the releases outright


Sure, but do I need his music and genre (no disrespect to those who like it) ramming down my throat every time i open the app.

Seems more about helping himself rather than helping everyone.

I prefer the roon model of giving me the music i like and have actually listened to in the past, rather than the music they would like.

That is unless roon starts to sell my listening data :slight_smile:

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