Integration of Amazon Music High Resolution

I mean, not to be pedantic, but if you integrate tidal with roon then tidals interface is no longer in charge and you don’t get the Jay Z promotion on the main tidal page? Or am I missing something here?


It just seems silly to me to close yourself off to an entire catalog of lossless over a dislike of the guy who founded it… But audiophile community sure does like to hold onto preconceived notions about quality :stuck_out_tongue:


When I am mobile, I have to use their app unless I missed something in Roon 1.7.

I will edit my post to add ‘his genre’ as in general 90% of the ‘for you music’ is a genre I don’t like.

On mobile I use an app called USB Audio Player Pro which has bitperfect DAC direct control ability - it also logs into tidal/qobuz

That is a good point, well made, I should reinstall that :slight_smile:

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It’s a little selfish, in my opinion, to not want to give the artist the highest percentage for their lossless files. With Amazon music you are giving Jeff bezos literally 90+% of the sale/stream, and then distribution platform takes another 50% of the remainder, then any label or manager and at the end of the day the artist gets very very little. Tidal percentage is closer to 35%… It’s no contest, if you want the artists to survive and get the most for their art Tidal is the best platform to support their music on aside from their personal Bandcamp or website


not sure whether you are planning to support in future?

I just cancelled my Amazon HD trial although it last until mid-December. I’m going to stick with Tidal, Qobuz, or both. I now have a year to decide if I want to keep Roon or purchase some sort of streaming device that does not require Roon.

I would request that Roon support Amazon music hd. The playlists on the Amazon music platform are much better and it appears that everything on the platform is either HD or what they call UHD.


I’d like to request Amazon Music HD also. Loving the HD and Ultra HD catalogue at their new price. I have requested it to Amazon also.

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Go for it. It’s totally your choice. Why did you opt in after your trial? Why in the first 30 days didn’t you ask for a refund.

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1 - It is NOT up to Roon alone to support Amazon HD - this has been has been done to death on this forum, what don’t you understand about such integration needing Amazon to participate?

2 - There have been loads of updates this year, two major (1.6 and 1.7) and many Build updates to provide incremental improvements.

It is your claims that are a joke, and if you feel it is not of value to you, then fair enough, but please don’t make false claims to be the stated reason for not continuing with Roon.


Based on your first ever post here, did you expect a different response?

If I don’t enjoy a party I tend to thank the hosts and shut the door quietly on the way out.


Paging @accounts for you.

Or, go to and log into your account and cancel.


I’ve never understood this complaint. Here’s the home screen and explore screen when I log in:

Personally I don’t understand Roon’s insistence that major streaming providers accommodate them, rather than the other way around. I understand the technical justifications they give, so no need to re-hash that here. But we all acknowledge that Amazon and Apple likely have no interest in Roon, so expecting them to accommodate Roon seems short-sighted to me. But, it’s not my business, and Roon appears to be happy and resolute with their decision.

Then the people making the complaint don’t see the same screens as you and I am not sure what you are attempting to prove pasting yours.

I just don’t understand the obsession with Amazon, I use Tidal and my own Library and cannot live long enough to play all the music I have now let alone keep up with new releases.
The deep integration is essential for the seamless experience we all enjoy.
Why compromise that for another service that will serve up the same music again.

It’s probably me, but I just don’t understand. Is it free or something?