Integration of Deep nu House

Hello. I have a problem. I like to add „Deep nu House“ Radio , but it does not work. Can anybody tell me the right URL?

  • this URL does not work.


It may be locked by location as it is working here for me.
Here is the direct url for the embedded player, I verified it also works.
West coast of the US.

Thank you.

The problem is unfortunately not resolved.
Is there maybe another reason why it doesn’t work?

Kind regards

Hello @Marco_Manke , the problem is that the Tunein link redirects to an https url with a specific port number - this causes Roon problems at the moment (they are aware).

I have added Deep Nu House radio for you with two alternative streams, one mp3, one aac. (The aac matches the website, the mp3 matches Tunein. I think one is later than the other…)

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Thank you very much. It works great. Kind regards from Germany.

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