Intel i5/i7 vs. AMD Rizen

Instead of the common Synology vs. QNAP, I would like to inquire about Intel (i5/i7) vs. AMD Rizen processors for Roon.

Is there anything in the Intel architecture that Roon favors? I’ve read elsewhere that this is true when considering Plex (which I don’t use). But it seems like the QNAP AMD Rizen based NAS models far outshine the equivalently priced Intel based models in processing power.


I’m running a Ryzen 7, tons of horse power for Roon (and Plex). I did have to turn off the CPU power management on my motherboard as it was causing hanging issues. Other than that a great system. It replaced a VM running on a desktop i3. There was no performance difference that I could notice in Roon but fixed transcoding speed issues in Plex.

The motherboard in the NAS? If so, wouldn’t that increase heat?

I don’t believe so. Intel’s 64 bit CPU code is licensed from AMD anyway.

Thanks. Over in the QNAP forum, this youtube video was linked: They are recommending the TS-1277, the 12 bay version of the TS-877, so seems it’s good to go with Roon.