Intel NUC 10th gen - what to expect?

So you confirm that rock is working on your NUC10?
Can the BIOS be set in legacy mode? Or have you managed to use UEFI mode? In practice, did you follow the same steps of the NUC8 installation guide only that you had to add a USB ethernet interface?
In normal operation with roon the fan is annoying?
I was considering whether to take an Akasa Turing FX chassis.
Thank you

Yes, you can set the NUC10 to Legacy Mode–I’m trying to remember the settings changes I made (found them here in the Roon Community) so I may have to reset the unit, look in the bios, and then add to this message. UEFI mode will not work.

And my fan is nearly silent–I don’t hear a thing.

UPDATE: The answer wasn’t in the Roon Community, it was on an Intel forum. Here’s a link to the info. In short, you need to disable both Secure Boot and Modern Standby. Then you can enable Legacy Boot.


Very well! So you’re telling me that everything works as on nuc8 and only the network card support is missing. Then I can proceed with the purchase of a NUC10 (I weighed at NUC10i5FNH what do you think?), Install Windows 10 or Lubuntu 19.10 and wait for them to add support to the network card on Rock. Alternatively I can use my USB network cards (I have a pair, a USB 3.0 and a USB-C). Doing so would have the advantages of a cpu and a new nuc (longer support and better performance / features). I could configure a Roon + Plex + Torrent + VNC server. In case I am not satisfied with Linux, I can try with Win10 and if I am still not satisfied (some say that more active processes = more noise on USB) I can try with Rock + LAN usb. Then as soon as the support arrives I will only use nuc with rock and give up Plex and Bittorrent in case I don’t like having Win or Linux. My idea is to add a second HD in which to put films (Plex) and music (Roon), I need 2 TB, it would be nice to have everything on SSD but it is too expensive (do you know a very silent mechanical HD?). Ultimately if I am annoyed by the noise I will order a fanless chassis from Akasa (I was thinking of Turing FX).

I should have finally come to an end.

To prepare for ROCK, you need a m.2 SSD for the OS and database, and most importantly, a separate 2.5" drive for music, assuming you don’t use a NAS for music storage. Normally a 128GB SSD would be more than enough for ROCK, but if you use Windows I recommend no less than 256GB. Normally 8GB RAM is enough for ROCK. Again if you use Windows you may consider having more RAM than that.

Only if you give up ROCK can you use a single storage device for OS and music storage.

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Now that GEN10 is straightened out, here’s something new to obsess over -

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Thank you for this thread.

If I am reading this correctly NUC 10 with Rock needs an external network adapter as the internal one is not supported?

Exactly my experience. I thought I had a faulty NUC.

That is correct. You can use ROCK with a USB to Ethernet adapter temporarily while waiting for the onboard Ethernet driver to be included in ROCK in the future. Or, use Windows, Ubuntu, etc.

I had a look around, trying to find any Release Notes or Change Logs for ROCK OS, but I couldn’t find a thing.

If we’re trying to keep some kind of eye out for when ROCK adds the HW Ethernet driver for the NUC10i7FNH, where can we keep looking?

Now that the NUC10i7FNH has been out for a bit, I’m hoping the full Roon ROCK support won’t be far behind. It’d be nice if someone could comment on what the lead time might be like, but I doubt anyone can…

Here is the release notes: Roon OS Release Notes


I want a Roon approved 10th gen i9. Wonder if it will occur during my lifetime.

I’m curious about this. The i9 is serious overkill for ROCK. If you want to run HQPlayer and Roon on the same box you could do it now with Windows. You can’t run them together on ROCK, of course.
What did I miss?

I am anticipating Roon requiring more resources in the upcoming years, so I am looking to make sure any unit might get will handle that. Plus, the i9 uses less energy from what I’ve read

Thing is by the time it does need such resources, if it ever does, there’s a distinct possibility that we may be on 14th or 15th gen or higher CPU’s and a 10th gen i9 may be no more powerful than the future gen’s i5.

No point massively over-speccing a cpu today for possible software requirements in 4 or 5 years.


Yep. Makes me want to go back to my S-100 bus chassis and simple single-card upgrades.

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I’ll follow you,dude.

This might be what’s up with the NUC10 ethernet issue, but I’m not sure how to adapt this patch for a Roon ROCK install:

see here about ROCK + NUC10:

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Danny, Any chance Roon Rock could support dual Ethernet at some point?

Perhaps you may clarify your needs and continue in this thread: