Nucleus+ performance issue

I am using the first generation Nucleus+ product, the hard disk of the operating system is only 64 GB, and the operating speed is slow, plus I have a lot of music files, so the experience is not very pleasant, I plan to install the ROCK operating system with NUC10.

How to install ROCK to NUC10? Do you need to change BIOS?
Can you share your detailed operation process?
I’m a computer layman.

Thank you very much!

Hello @Li_fangyi63,

I moved your post to its own thread so that we can figure out why your Nucleus+ is not performing as expected. The Nucleus+ was designed to have enough power for the largest Roon libraries – I wouldn’t expect to see performance issues except in extenuating circumstances.

Could you provide some more information on your setup?

A. How many tracks are in your Roon Library?
B. Where are your music files stored?
C. Describe some of the actions that feel “slow” when using Roon. How long do these actions take?


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