Intel NUC 8th gen WiFi support on ROCK?

Looked around on the forums but couldn’t find any answers so I’ll write it down in a new subject.

Bought an Intel NUC8i3BEH today and installed ROCK according to instructions.

When plugging in an Ethernet cable between the NUC and my router, everything’s fine, however, I’m putting the NUC close to my Liberty DAC and would like to connect the NUC over WiFi instead (too long distance = lots of cable, me don’t like).

But there’s no WiFi alternative, only Ethernet showing up under Networking (web interface, when using Ethernet cable).

Seen discussions that ROCK software have all needed code/drivers, for proper functioning, in the 7th generation NUC’s, why 8th generation is not (if they differ?) implemented yet in the latest ROCK version (build 159, which I use).

Any experiences, solutions or ideas on whether it will or is possible to use ROCK over NUC 8th gen WiFi?

Ken Win

PS! Added a 2,5 SSD disk with win 10 (so I can boot between Win 10 OS & ROCK on the M.2 SSD) and WiFi works flawlessly…so there’s no HW malfunctioning.

Hi Ken

i have had the same issue with my nuc8. There is a easy solution, take a usb wifi-stick, i tried an older edimax and immideately after reboot wifi was shown on the configuration page iwthout any additional drivers


Great, thanks for the tip… unfortunately I don’t have any wifi USB stick available… I’ll hunt one down and try as soon as possible.


PS! Couldn’t access \DATA folder for pasting MPEG codec…issue for you too?

Windows 10 need to configure allow insecure guest auth to connect SMB \DATA . If you want windows 10 to share the directory using SMB, you should active the SMB 1.0 as additional function in control pannel “programs”

RUN–“regedit” as administrator

RUN–“gpedit.msc” as administrator
computer…–admin template–network–Lanman workstation … enable the InsecureGuestAuth

I had the same problem on my 7th gen NUC. It would seem that there are no WiFi drivers in ROCK.
If that’s true then the Edimax driver will have to be added to ROCK to use the USB stick. Dunno if @Carsten_Rombach had to do that or not.

BTW - You did enable WiFi on the ROCK, right?

To access \DATA from another machine, I mapped \\\DATA to a WIN10 drive. Obviously, exchange your ROCK’s IP for what I used. Once it’s mapped a dialogue will pop up asking for a userid, then enter ‘Guest’. You want the \Codecs sub-folder. Not sure what @bin_xiao is explaining.

Link to Explanation.

Thanks, you obviously know what you’re talking about.

My point is that I didn’t have to do any of that to access \DATA on the ROCK driive.

I’m not saying your way won’t work, but it doesn’t seem like Roon would set something up that would require the approach you specified.

Actually, too many network and software bugs compare to the PLEX. Slow updating.:disappointed_relieved:

No, i did not install any Driver.
For Access to the data directory, i had no problem using windows explorer - Network - Rock