Intel NUC Gen 11 i5 Supported?

Can anyone tell me if Roon is going to support this newer generation of the Intel NUC? I would go with the GEN 11 i5 CPU

You need to wait for Rock 2, hopefully it will come soon. If you are comfortable with Linux you can try Ubuntu server on it and that will work well. Of course you can try running Windows on this machine in the mean time.

Now that Roon has announced the M1 version of Roon you could also look at a discounted M1 Mac as that should make a great Roon Core

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All that can be said at this time is that the current version of ROCK doesn’t support UEFI boot, and therefore, eleventh generation NUCs.

Who knows what the future holds? :slightly_smiling_face:

They have?

Yes Danny posted about it the other day as part of the Roon 2.0 release.
Not out yet, but by the sound of it, it’s now in extended testing

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No, I didnt.

It is in testing. It has not been announced, released, or publicly scheduled. The dates we have set internally could slip easily.

That said, the M1 is a great choice even with Rosetta.


Sorry if I misread your comments or got my wires crossed.

I love how moments later Danny comes in and puts the chat straight, the chief is watching :eyes:

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