Intel NUC Kaby Lake i3/i5/i7 CPU benchmark

keep enjoying the mac mini.
it is a fine product

This topic here is about the CPUs for Intel NUCs, which is the suggested system for running ROCK

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What’s the CPU doing on a ROCK-NUC when importing and analyzing is finished and I don’t use DSP? Most times it should be Disk/Database access, right? So the drive and RAM could be the bottleneck and not the CPU? What problems could occur when I let an i3 serve the music?

I wrote about my experience with an i3 Nucleus here.

I have 1654 local albums, and about the same Tidal.
The Nucleus is fine.
Plenty of capacity, the lowest performance number I see is 2.4X with DSD128 + 131k taps convolution. (Which I don’t normally do.)
With upsampling to 192 + convolution, I get 20X.

The Geekbench multi core scores of the 8th Gen NUCs have roughly doubled vs. 7th Gen. Hope ROCK will soon be available for 8th Gen.

NUC8i5BEK Geekbench score
Single-Core 4258
Multi-Core 15092

NUC8i7BEH Geekbench score
Single-Core 5505
Multi-Core 18604

They have twice as many cores… unfortunately, for day to day Roon, more cores won’t help much. That said, the 25% single core perf bump is nice.

Aha, is single thread performance the key factor determining Roon oomph?
Would a Pentium G5600 (2 cores @3.9GHz) perform better than an i3 8300 or 9100 (both 4 cores @3.7GHz).
Would an i3 7350K be the ultimate Roon Server CPU (2 cores @4.2GHz)?

The single core performance of that PG5600 is only very slightly faster than the i3 8300, even though the clock speed is much higher.

Multiple cores help, but single core performance is much more important in almost all consumer needs (assuming you have at least 2 proper cores w/ 4 threads).

Thanks @danny
I’ll look to the geekbench single core comparison tables for guidance then