Intel NUC Kaby Lake i3/i5/i7 CPU benchmark

If you want to buy an Intel NUC Kaby Lake (7th Gen), you can choose from an i3, i5 and i7 processor. The i7 is the fastest processor, but if you want a fanless case like the Akasa Newton S7 or a better (lineair) power supply like the Sbooster BOTW P&P ECO 18-19V, then the i5 is a better option. This is due to the lower power consumption and less heat.

Because of course you want to know what the difference in performance is, I’ve looked up a number of benchmarks, showing the differences between the i5 and i7 are smaller than between i3 and i5.

The following information I found at The NUC Blog:

NUC7i3BNH Geekbench score
Single-Core 2826
Multi-Core 5833

NUC7i5BNK Geekbench score
Single-Core 3717
Multi-Core 7964

NUC7i7BNK Geekbench score
Single-Core 4150
Multi-Core 8847

Single-Core: when the i7 represents 100%, the i5 is 89.6% and the i3 is 68.1%.
Multi-Core: when the i7 represents 100%, the i5 is 90% and the i3 is 65,9%.


Hi Marius,
Thanks for all your knowledge that you share with a newbie like me :blush:.
So you advise me to buy the Intel NUC Kaby Lake (7th Gen) i5 with a Akasa Newton S7 and the Sbooster BOTW P&P ECO 18/19V.
Is it possible to buy the NUC Kaby Lake (7th Gen) i5 built in the Akasa Newton S7 (so everything is "ready to go?

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Hi Anders, I’ve sent you a personal mail.


I have to say, though, that with a large library (and not even that large - about 95K tracks), the i5 was not sufficient, at least on a fanless Sonic Transporter i5… now, that could have been the speed of the SSD they use, the amount of memory or the CPU - but I found it to be inadequate for the task at hand.

Really? That’s surprising because I have a Sonic Transporter i5 and use a Samsung T3 ex SSD and with 75K tracks the response is rocket fast.

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Well I don’t know which i5 processor they use
The SSD I use is a Samsung 960 EVO NVME (very fast).
And I have Kingston HyperX Impact 8 GBb Sodimm DDR4-2133 (Dual Channel)

With a library of >3500 albums and >50.000 tracks there is no delay.
My music is stored on a Synology 416Play NAS

Really. I was surprised too, but that was my experience.

Were you using any DSP or upsampling features of roon?

Who are you asking?

Sorry, asking:

Sonic Transporter i5 is NOT a 7th Gen NUC i5 so has nothing to do with this comparision
Sonic Transporter i5 is NOT running ROCK so performance issues has nothing to do with a 7th Gen i5 with ROCK

I wasn’t, no.

Can you answer DSP question? How high i5 can go?

I don’t know.

Are there similar benchmarks comparing mobile processors (as in the NUC line) to desktop processors? Intel calls a lot of different things “i5” these days, and the range in capability seems considerable.

When looking at the intels gen 7 processors it looks like i5 NUC < Desktop i3-7100 < i7 NUC < Desktop i5.

A Desktop i3-7100 build (MOCK not ROCK) cost about the same as the i3 NUC build.

There are several websites where you find processor comparisons. And yes, i5 and i5 can be different.

Has one of you ever thought about using a mac mini ?
easy to handle and manage …

Mac Mini doesn’t run ROCK, and this thread is about discussing the CPU options for that operating system.

sure , but it runs Roon core quite perfectly …
and, the sound is delivered from the mac mini via toslink directly to the dac …

that is something i do not know about the features of mini atx mainboards