Intel NUC ROCK install woes... and success!

So, I had thought I’d bricked my brand new intel NUC10i7FNH. After putting in memory and a 250GB SSD, I’d gone in and updated the bios, as suggested in the current ROCK install guide. As you might guess, I got the ‘no media present’ response that happens when it’s trying to boot over Ethernet.

So it took me about an hour to figure out all the steps to turn off legacy boot, secure boot, ensure it tries USB boot first, etc. I was convinced I’d really screwed up. No one wants to send an item back to AMZN with his/her tail between his/her legs. But I kept at it.

These were the most useful threads:

  1. to get legacy boot off:
  2. to understand what’s going on with secure boot:

This is worth updating with pictures in the install guide. I’m pretty stubborn and somewhat tech savvy. Anyone less on either dimension would be up the proverbial creek. But I’m done now!


Roon REALLY needs to update their documentation. Perhaps a “build” guide for each of the current NUC’s, with screenshots and step-by-step instructions? Yes, a rhetorical question…

Congrats on figuring out the “security” issue.

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I am just setting up my NUC10i7FNH as well and even after changing the sleep type support to “Legacy S3 Standby” and disabling “secure boot” the BOOT tab still shows UEFI Boot Enabled and the system does not allow me to select the Legacy Boot to change it. Any ideas?

So I struggled around for 3 hours, left it, came back the next day, and figured it out. But I can’t say I documented it. Just know that I am guessing that you haven’t bricked it - I have the same device, had the same puzzle, and EVENTUALLY made it work. I did try 3 different USB sticks FWIW, but I have no idea whether that was a component. I documented the stuff I thought mattered, but now that’s ancient history (being a week ago) and now I’m in tagging world. But I bet if you are really stubborn you’ll get it.

Thanks man…yeah I stepped away and figured it out after. On the 10 series user interface you have to go into BOOT preferences and can finally enable Legacy Boot and disable UFEI boot there. I was cursing myself for not just buying a damn Nucleus more then a few times but finally got it all working.

I promise that you’ll forget it in a couple days when a non-laggy Roon Core just does what it’s supposed to do, and all the DSP and upsampling you could ask for is just getting you to 35x. Seriously, I just did this maybe 6 days ago, and I was trying to recall, and I was thinking “Huh, did I really do that?”