Intel NUC wifi in - ethernet out question

Hello, I have Rock running on an I7 Nuc via WiFI. I have a DAC that can use ethernet or USB input. I want to use wifi to the NUC but ethernet out to the DAC. Is this possible? I tried a couple things mentioned here but it didn’t work. Once the ethernet connection is made between the NUC and DAC the wifi connection drops. Any ideas? I just wanted to compare USB vs ethernet feeding the DAC. - My core is a Ryzen 7 NUC.

Roon doesn’t recommend a core connection via WiFi. Stuck with usb for the dac or perhaps use an endpoint like sotm, sonore or even a cheaper RPi with ropieee

Check here: Can a PC running Roon Core with dual network outlets be connected direct to my Lumin streamer?

Hi, yes I realize that but my AP is only 10 feet away. I was able to stream DSD256 without issue.

Wireless is a very unpredictable medium to use for roon, as it has timing information with RAAT protocols at the very least, and any signal degradation will stop/interupt the stream.

Thanks Daniel, tried that but I can’t assign an IP to my DAC. I tried setting the NUC ethernet to 172.x.x.x. When I connect the DAC to the NUC, the NUC won’t get a wifi connection - if I disconnect the ethernet cable the NUC will then get it’s wifi connection.

Ethernet doesn’t work that way. The DAC needs to be connected by ethernet to your router or a switch. It will then get assigned an IP address by the router. The NUC should also have an IP address if it is connected by WiFi. If that happens, the NUC should be able to stream over WiFi through the router then ethernet to the DAC. Will this work better than a USB connection? I doubt it.

Most ethernet enabled DAC’s only work with DHCP connection configuration.

Then it won’t work as the DAC needs an IP and has to get it from a DHCP server, which ROCK is not.