Intel NUC with Network Bridge vs Network Bridge mosaic app

Compared sound of same albums played from NUC + Network Bridge and played directly from the mosaic DCS app- sound with mosaic is more interesting: less sharp and digital. NUC has a teddy pardo LPS.
Any one else also had compared that? I really like Roon and its more user friendly so thinking is there any ways to improve sound from NUC?

I have a dCS Rossini+clock - the network bridge functionality is built-in. My server is a mac mini with a linear power supply (Uptone LPS-2) and an internal power mod to reduce fan noise to the motherboard (the MMK board, also from Uptone).

I find that Roon over the network to the Rossini sounds great, but Audirvana over USB sounds a little better. In all cases no DSP is applied. I have not compared Mosaic directly to Roon as you have, but I definitely see the possibility for a simpler/cleaner signal path. I have also tried Roon>HQPlayer>USB/Rossini and that is better than RAAT. But I don’t love the complications of HQPlayer or the non-Roon-based Audirvana setup in general, so I stick it with network/RAAT.

Have you checked no DSP at all is applied in Roon?

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Yep, I don’t use any dsp. Try mosaic, interesting what u will say

I have a dCS Network Bridge and Prism Sound DA-2(DAC), connect them with a pair of AES wire. And I compared with mosaic and roon(iMac 2019 and ROCK(in my ESXI 6.7 U2)), I found that same thing with you. No upsamples.

Best wishes to you.
Rolex Chen from China.

Confused as to why you’re using two AES connections - the dCS Network Bridge’s two connections only work together with dCS DACs (to my knowledge).

They should work with any DAC that has dual AES inputs

Yes, they are working very well With dual AES inputs to Prim Sound DA2. I mean it’s an awesome sound!

Yeah, you are right.