Intel NUC10ixfnhN

Sorry if this question has been asked before.
The NUC10i(3-7)FNH(K), without the N is unavailable in Norway.
The N version in without the audio codec, and the info page about ROCk, says this makes it unable to send audio to HDMI etc.
Is it still possible to use the N version (ex. NUC10i7FNHN) as Roon ROCK?
And does this just mean it is not possible to play music directly from the NUC via HDMI or other output?
Or is it not usable for ROCK?

Thank you for any light on the topic.

Hi Kenneth it will certainly work with Rock and Roon, but as you suggested you will not be able to use onboard audio with HDMI or headphones etc.

You can still plug a USB DAC in if you need.
It will make a great little Roon core.


I only use NUCs for ROCK servers within a network, so disable any HDMI audio capabilities in the BIOS.

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Thank you!:slight_smile: so if I get it right (sorry for being a bit slow;) ) I can still connect a DAC directly to the NUC and get sound that way? The only thing I “lose”, is the ability to connect headphones directly to the NUC, and send audio out of the HDMI output etc?
And this will not affect the ability to “send audio” over the network to an endpoint?
Thank you again:)

Yes Kenneth I fully believe that’s correct (and happy to be corrected if not).
The Roon Bridge is still installed, though general recommendation is that you keep the playback away from the Room Core, though plenty do it and I have myself in the distant past (before I had real Roon endpoints)

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Hi Kenneth. I have a cirrus7 nimbini v3 - Intel NUC 10 Performance kit - NUC10i7FNHN that is running Rock. Works fine - but no Intel HD Audio Technology, so no audio through HDMI.


Thank you! You have been really helpful:) there is several vendors who sell FNHN configuration but non who have the FNH config.
Than I still able to get a Roon ROCK after all:)
I don’t think the lack of audio codec will be an issue for me, as I already own 2 Roon endpoints.

Should I go for the i3, i5 or i7? I don’t do much hi res now (maybe in the future), so the Roon fact page says i3 I sufficient, but I’m afraid it will be slow?
Is the i5 a happy middle? Or should I just go for the i7 straight away?

Thank you all again:)

I have i5 model in an Alaska fanless case. Very happy with it. Does DSD256 upscaling and often running multiple zones at same time. Never had any performance issues.
I7 may be overkill unless you are planning major expansion :grin:

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Operated Roon/ROCK on a NUC5i3 from 2015 to just recently, with library growing up to 97k tracks.
No issues experienced with this model from 2015. It did multiple zones, DSP convolution filters, DSP up converting and down sampling.

Only changed as a NUC7i7DNKE came my way.

The only noticeable change is Audio analysis of new tracks is faster with the 8 threads over the previous 4.

For ROCK it’s all about the single thread performance. Check out some comparisons I have posted.
Basically unless you have 250k+ tracks or do some upconverting to DSD512 etc. then an i3 survices. No need for overkill

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Again thank you all:) new to Roon and new to this forum. Feeling quit overwhelmed by all you nice people helping!! :raised_hands:t2:

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