Intelligent/Assumptive Searching


One of my biggest draw for Spotify is that it is easy to search for artists and songs using just that search bar. For example, previously I had listened to “Long Long Time” by Linda Ronstadt. Spotify knows that this is a song I am interested in. When I search for Linda Ronstadt again, it is the first song on the list I am looking to listen to. Whereas in Roon, I need to either look for the album or through the list of her songs to find it again.

Also, people make typos when typing all the time. And when I type in ‘Londa R’ (misspelled), Spotify knows to suggest Linda Ronstadt for me. Which is awesome. In Roon, it comes up as an empty search. I am trying to get to my music as quickly as possible.

Finally, when looking for an artist’s song, I search for an artist. Too much space is taken for photos of the artists. I get it, it’s pretty. Great, but at the end of the day, I want to get to my songs. Can we have a setting to condense the list of songs into a table so we can quickly find the song? When we click on ‘More’ under the ‘Popular’ section, we see a list of songs but screen real estate is used so inefficiently. I have a 16inch screen and I see 4 songs until I scroll. Like, why? I want to see as many options as possible and the options based my my previous selections.

Spotify have multiple teams just dedicated to search, Roon has one person. It’s never going to be anything like Spotify.

I get that, but this is fundamental. This change would not require more than one person anyways. One engineer writing some code for searching. I am an engineer myself so I would know. Anyways, it would be great if it ever were to happen.

An engineer or a specialist in music search?

Yes, your point is taken.

To the original post, I am optimistic and hopeful that, to a degree, this feature will be applied to accommodate others users that share my preference and enjoy their music the way I do.

Disregarding but sympathetic to Roon’s resources, I argue that being able to efficiently and quickly search for desired tacks during listening sessions greatly affect a user’s experience. It can be frustrating spending valuable seconds navigating a UI foraging for a sound.