Intercom-like functionality that can interrupt playing music in a zone

With multi-room audio or even just a big house, sometimes you just need to pause the music and tell a family member, “hey come down to the laundry room I need your help” or whatever. Is there any current way to rig this with roon? I am a software engineer so I’m not scared of tinkering, but I don’t exactly have the project bandwidth to go absolutely ham on creating this.

Pausing the music is easy with the ‘Pause all’ button:

I have no idea about the ‘intercom-like functionality’, so maybe just ‘Pause all’ and shout :wink:

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Yea that’s a little more low-tech than I was thinking. Was hoping more like adding an intercom button to the roon remote that takes mic input. There are some extensions around specialized inputs so I’ll probably look at those I guess.

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Perhaps you could train members of your family and pets to respond to specific songs and then just play the one you need to summon them:


^ gold. so, so many jokes to be had from this idea. most of them completely inappropriate.

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i want this as well, so i voted for it :slight_smile:

it’s a total pain however, because different devices have radically different rules about buffering.

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I found a manufacturer, VSSL, that supported “paging functionality”, but they removed API docs from their website and never finished Roon Ready integration. They have good Airplay/Chromecast/SpotifyConnect, but their app was super buggy on Android and meh on iOS. They needed to polish the whole experience, but I never saw that happen. Google certified their hardware experience, so it works well for that, but not anything beyond that. I’m not holding my breath waiting for this to get improved.

Sonos has this, but I don’t have banks of Sonos devices for all my zones. That said, the Sonos functionality for this feature is great. It’s pretty much exactly how I would design it.