Interested in a tutorial for Infrared and Bluetooth remote control? [OVER]


I use my macmini as Roon Core and I have installed an app that allows me to take control over the most used commands (Previous, Next, VolUp, VolDown, PlayPause, Mute) with an Infrared or Bluetooth controller like the Apple remote controllers or the Amazon Fire TV controllers.

I am willing to create a tutorial, but first I have to know whether there is any interest at all.

You would need a Mac as core and an Infrared or Bluetooth controller (several models are supported). If your Mac doesn’t have an internal Infrared receiver like most newer Macs, you will need an external USB Infrared receiver.
The app is not free, but it has a 30 days trial.

I’ve nothing to do with the app or its developers!

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EDIT: Thank you, I’ll not do this anymore because of nobody interested in. But if you have any questions, don’t be afraid… :slight_smile:


The Flirc app you get with the Flirc infrared remote receiver can program all Roon keyboard and or media controls to any infrared remote control. Also works perfectly in a raspi with ropiee. I have been using this for years. Would not live without infrared remote next, back, play, stop, pauze and volume. Can control any zone with it.

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I never used flirc, but sounds interesting. It’s really a big gain in comfort. I don’t want to turn on my iPad all the time for the rudimentary commands.

Slightly OT, but there is another solution for controlling Roon. Works great and is very elegant IMO

You’re welcome. Sounds also very interesting. I haven’t read the whole thread, so do you know what the hardware would cost? The disadvantage of “my” solution is the availability only for Mac. Good for me, but not for Windows or Linux users.

I got the hardware for slightly more than EUR 100 (plus the license fee).
Very much worth it IMO.

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A little bit expensive, but when I think of the price of other audio components… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
If you don’t have a Mac, a solution worth considering.

EDIT: …or even with Mac :wink:

Flirc USB.

Works like a charm. In fact the receiver is so good you can point your remote to the ceiling and it even works. In one room I got on stick in the back of the computer, out of sight but it still works without a glitch. It works on all platform because it is recognized as a USB keyboard.

Now if only Roon had more shortcuts to use! But for skipping a track you don’t like that Roon radio came up with and for Roon volume control it is very convenient. Plus, it’s cheap. Well, maybe not for some, I can’t judge that, but price/quality/performance wise it can’t be beat.


Sounds very interesting, especially because of the feature to be recognized as keyboard. The software I’m using costs 25€, so this would be an option for me; I haven’t paid for Remote Buddy, because it still works in beta stadium with a 30days free trial period.
Yes, you’re right, roon doesn’t have many functions able to be controlled with keyboard, but the most important are there (prev, next, volup, voldown, playpause, mute).
Thanks a lot, I think I will order it instead of buying “my” software.

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EDIT: just ordered it… :wink:

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One hint, use the media key layout for the next,previous etc. This way it also works if Roon is not the forground application. You can mix this the standard keyboard layout commands for other commands which only work when Roon is the forground app. Roon does not have global shortcuts.

You can also use a raspi 2, 3 or 4 with ropieee. Not as endpoint but just as remote controller combined with the flirc usb if you don’t use windows or macos. This way it can work with any endpoint.

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Thank you,

i use my macmini only for roon, it is alway the foreground app. But I think I’ll try a little bit, it’s entertaining… :wink:

@Nyquist @mikeb

Hello Nyquist, :slight_smile:

I’ve got the Lirc today and had time while lunch, but more isn’t necessary to configure and to test the hardware and its app. I’m very satisfied, it’s easy to handle.
A really good option: you can learn different remotes to press the same “key”. So I can use one Apple controller in my living room and another one in my sleeping room without dragging this heavy tool with me. :slight_smile:
My sleeping room is about 6-7m away(!), and it works without any problems, of course I’ve free sight from my bed to the receiver.

Thanks a lot,

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Hi all,

I have a Logitech Harmony Elite remote that is paired via bluetooth with my headless mac mini, where I run RoonServer (no gui).

With the Harmony remote, I can play/pause the Apple Music app, but no luck with RoonServer.

Do you any way to make the play/pause buttons work with RoonServer ?

Thanks !

Yes you can using this extension:

Thanks, I’ll have a look.

Hi Nyquist.
Would you mind explaining the setup you’d use here?
I’m thinking of using a Raspberry with a FLIRC USB to create a physical remote control for a streaming speaker system endpoint fed by a NUC running Roon Rock.
I’d like the remote to be able to control volume and the standard playback functions. Is this all possible?
Thank you!

Yes, that’s all possible with a raspberry pi with Ropieee installed and a Flirc usb.
You will have to program the Flirc on another computer. It has to learn your remote. Best way is to assigne the standard media buttons like volume up/down, skip track forward/backward, play/pause etc. to any of your remtote buttons. In Ropiee just add the name of the zone you want to control an e-voila, that’s it. You can use just any remote control you have at hand with it

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Thank you! Very helpful.