Interesting Oppo Problem This Morning [Solved]

I’m posting this just in case it might help someone else with the same or similiar problem. This morning when I cranked up Roon, it would not find my Oppo 203 which I use as Roon endpoint for Bose Soundtouch 300 5.1 system.

In trouble shooting, I rebooted everything including router and Nucleus multiple times but Roon could never see the Oppo. When I checked my U-Verse router, it could not see the Oppo either, so I started thinking the long ethernet cable around the back of my house may have failed.

There are two Netgear switches involved, but I knew the first was working because my Meridian Prime and Mojo 2 were working. So, maybe the second switch, just before the Oppo, had failed. As a last resort (it’s always the last resort), I power cycled the second Netgear switch and all is good now.

We had some rain and lightening lately so I think that may have caused the problem.


A reboot fixes lots, when you can find it :+1:

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